Welcome to Virgo

Updated: Feb 17

Sun 0°12' Virgo

Moon 0°20' Gemini

Mercury 18°49' Leo

Venus 2°47' Virgo

Mars 3°26' Virgo

Jupiter 14°44' Sagittarius

Saturn 14°26' Я Capricorn

Uranus 6°34' Я Taurus

Neptune 17°47' Я Pisces

Pluto 21°01' Я Capricorn

Chiron 5°05' Я Aries

Node 16°40' Cancer

Lilith 24°17' Я Pisces

Welcome & Happy Birthday Virgo babies!!!

Things have been, off, lately with the Lionsgate energy surge. We are definitely being given a whole lot of

energy to move us, shape us and drive us.

But let's look at today's astrology... will do full Virgo insight during Weekly Grace!

Sun is in Virgo YAY the Queen of the Harvest, manifestations and life coming to fruition.

Yes... it's THAT time we have been waiting for *happy dance* allow that hope to rise because it's here!!!

Unsurprising, the Sun is in the 10th House of working, meaning Virgo is here to clean up finances, job quarrels, etc.

Interestingly, Venus and Mars are also in the 10th House. Seems there is a high focus on work today.

Ask yourself, what's working and what's not?

Have I succeeded at my 2019 goals?

Is this enough... or do I need more?

Nice thing is she is ALSO in Mercury, so this is a great time to talk and communicate your concerns.

You will get the ANSWERS you are looking for!!!!!

The Moon in Gemini, giving us a playful spirit, hits the 9th house of debts/taxes/couples money/etc.

Seems we have a creative edge when it comes to our current finances.

Not until 2019 did I feel the full extent of what is called, "The Value of Money".

It's important we don't take ourselves too seriously, but also value that money is an energy exchange.

Sometimes we have more than we think. We take things for granted.

Take this weekend to take stalk of all you have and give gratitude. Living in NYC I see homeless on a daily basis.

They struggle not only financially, which is obvious, but psychologically. They are impaired in a way that is not immediately visible but entirely debilitating.

If you have the psychological/mental/emotional ability to show up for your life today... blessed!

If you have a roof over your head... blessed!

If you can eat food and nurture your needs... blessed!

It's important we recognize the good BECAUSE it produces more good!

Gratitude is encouragement; it's love for yourself and your life.

The more you love, the more you get.

So simple.. right?

Love you all, have a wonderful Virgo Day!!!! Sale Day @ 12Listen!!!


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