Welcome to Venus R!!!

Updated: May 26

The onslaught yesterday brought some technical difficulties- disturbing the 'peace'. And today the Capricorn Moon continues to charge ahead, to get things done and to be motivated by the upward battle of success. Money and work may be the forefront of life right now for some, while Love is greatly desired by others. The message of today is that you will certainly get what you need, but perhaps not what you want. Can we find Grace in that?

I am learning with Venus R, personal peace is going to be a major theme. It's not just what is happening- but do I torture myself with it? Or do I find balance in all things? There is always the temptation to think we have it the worst; to not see the things we have done right in our lives or that are going well. We do have a gratitude board on the 12Listen site which may be fun to build your momentum of Gratitude. Gratitude leads to Grace. And gratitude comes from viewing a situation in it's entirety, not from a specific stand point that is biased and unfair. We, in Venus R, rip away the negative self talk and perspective, because it does not serve us. It never serves us to continue to praise thoughts and beliefs that make us feel terrible about ourselves. That is indeed, dark magick. The kind that breaks a soul down. I am much more interested in the undying and unconditional love Magick that we were all born with. The kind that prevails in empathy, compassion and mercy. This great Magick & Power continues misused and under valued. But you, darling beauty, deserve it. You deserve Grace because only through Grace can you find the light in the darkened tunnel. It is channeling the Good force, the Light, that can never be consumed by the darkness. You are a part of that light. Blessings to you, Grace

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