Welcome to Pisces (Finally)

Weekly Grace

Good Morning, Beauties!

I hope you are doing well this week.

Staying safe, happy and healthy!

Finally this week, our Season's change.

According to traditional astrology, we only have 5 days left of Pisces Season.

According to Sidereal (exact coordination) we are barely going into Pisces Season on the 15th of March.

Ahhhh!!!!! This is nuts!!!

It truly is, nuts! And very indicative of what we are seeing in our personal and communal lives.

Aquarius rules over the group, the community and lifestyle. It carries messages (good or bad) into the world that can have a variety of responses. We can absolutely see this in our current circumstance dealing with the Corona Virus and see, how do we carry this message? How do we solve this? How do we make the world a safer and healthier place?

Aquarius brings areas of health to the surface and it's our job to find that balance between carelessness and unnecessary reactivity.

And soon, March 15th, we switch gears into a new Season: Pisces 2020.

Pisces 2020

Since we are coming out of Aquarius Season (higher vibration Jupiter), we are coming into Pisces Season with a sense of openness. Open to good and open to bad. The desire of Aquarius is that we first develop a sense of self-acceptance and boundaries, then expansion. So hopefully we have achieved this going into Pisces.

Pisces' lower ruler jumps right off the back of expansive Aquarius with rulers Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is expansive and the largest planet in our Solar System, while Neptune is our Aquaman.

Jupiter, Neptune and Pluto over threw their father Saturn (Capricorn/Aquarius Season) and divided among themselves the Sky, Sea and Underground.

Pisces, thus, is the combination of the Sky and the Seas. Two VERY expansive and wondrous planets, that open up the world for us. Opens up possibility.

I would go so far as to predict that a Vaccine or Treatment for the Corona Virus will be created during this time, bringing hope to the world. Also, the 2nd person has been cured of the HIV virus. This could also be a wonderful time to expand this wisdom and save lives across the planet!

The energy of Pisces reminds me of Captain Planet (my childhood cartoon hero). Here is his song:

Captain Planet

He's a Hero

Going to take Polution

Down to Zero!

And I feel that coming with Pisces. It is not a sign to be dismissed. When other signs have a nature to handle things on the surface, Pisces likes to lean in and go deeper. It doesn't shy away from problems or make light of things. It has an unwavering faith in possibility and dreams. It is the Powerful Mermaid or Merman, ready to go to any lengths to achieve it's goals.

At it's highest vibration or octave, Pisces ascends into the Planet Pluto of transformation. Pluto in mythology rules over the underground; the Hades we need to walk through to come out reborn. It can seem very scary and intimidating, but we have done this before!!! We have all walked through Haedes, one time or another, and you know what happened? When we walked through that darkness?

We realized, we are the Light.

Before we even go into Pisces Season, we need to remember this key fact, so we can blaze through this Season with grace and strength.

You are the Light.

You can do this.

You WILL become your best self by releasing the past and embracing the future.

May you all feel this strength, now!




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