Sun 0°29' Leo

Moon 14°23' Aries

Mercury 27°05' Я Cancer

Venus 24°31' Cancer

Mars 13°45' Leo

Jupiter 15°03' Я Sagittarius

Saturn 16°12' Я Capricorn

Uranus 6°28' Taurus

Neptune 18°27' Я Pisces

Pluto 21°40' Я Capricorn

Chiron 5°51' Я Aries


The energy has shifted and it is TIME to make Magic happen!

Leo is a fire sign & fixed:

Fire- masculine, extroverted, positive, enthusiastic, drive to express self, faith

Fixed-stabilization, determination, depth and persistence, resistance to change; great willpower, inflexible

Now, a lot of people roll their eyes at the idea of a "fixed" person. UGH!

Stubborn, arrogant and thinking they are soooo much better than the rest of us. But I have known, and dated, my share of Leos. And I can tell you, they are MAGICAL.

It's true... it's soooo unfortunately true! hahahaha

They are the type of person that can make 100 mistakes, but that 101 success, makes it all worth it.

They are the light in the dark; the part starter. That person you always want around, because they have a way of

really showing us that life is worth living. They usually have incredible success, with time, taking their time through life. They love pleasure, life, wine and cheesecake. They live life from the experience of their predecessor, Cancer, and now have utter confidence in themselves and their journey.

They don't rush through life, because they know, that won't get them anywhere worth going.

Instead, they are committed, confidence and excited when opportunity springs forward. They have been preparing their whole life for it and then hit the nail right on the head. They seem to have exquisite luck, but really, they have incredible intuition and an ability to believe that the Universe will supply their needs.

Celeb Leos that inspire:

Jason Mamoa (hubba hubba), Jlo, Madonna, Chris Hemsworth and JK Rowling... but of course, there are HUNDREDS since so many Leos dedicate their lives to magic, suspense, drama and performing. They LOVE to express themselves and give them world a magic experience.

A Word of Caution:

A lot of us burn out once Fire hits us. We don't quite know what to do with the energy.

It may present itself as frustration, anger of upset; but is it? Or is our intuition sending a signal?

If you wake up NOT HAPPY, ask yourself WHY!?

If it's cause of work- do you like your work? Are you happy there? Did you spend Cancer Season creating a plan for yourself to make 2019 a productive and forward moving year?

If it's frustration; you are bored and over the mundane. GLAM IT UP. Put on some makeup, a bright outfit;

whatever it is! (Checkout my Grace blog- fashion for the zodiac). But don't internalize and seethe when your Guides are trying to get you to move, conquer and SLAY!

Don't rest of your laurels or yesterdays' solution. It's time to invest in YOU, your FUTURE & your DESTINY.

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With Love & Fire,