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Hello Magickal Beauties!!!

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We had a fun Tuesday night exploring Magickal Herbs in detail. 

I hope this helps you to grab "the bull by the horns" in your own life.

YOU are Magickal! 

YOU are worthy of breakthroughs.

YOU are empowered to defeat ANY obstacles in your life! 

This Week's Forecast

Let me start by saying, Welcome to Leo Season!!!! YAY!!!

This is of course esoteric/vedic astrology that goes by exact planetary positions.

And we are just coming into Leo Season. 

Now, Leo is one of my favorite signs because it has to do with self-expression,

hobbies, fun, romance and love. Leo can be both the roaring AND the lazy lion 

that only moves itself when it feels passionate to do so. 

We had a wonderful Cancer Season of healing and finding our balance, now we 

get to really break through any cycles or obstacles that we have been facing. 

This is of course supported by another Fire Sign: Aries. This week, Mars (the ruling planet of Aries) will be moving into it's home position. If you have felt lately like you 

are moving through mud, it's because Mars has been in Pisces (underwater). 

Now, we get to break out! 

And we get to really express our true hearts desires in this world. 

Expect breakthroughs across the board: love, work, money 

This is your moment, like all Leo's do, to truly SHINE. 

One area I really think we all need to focus on is what we truly want. Leo's are 

known as the performers of the zodiac, but they are much more than that. They 

are Light Bearers whereas other Fire Signs are more aggressive. Leo can be incredibly 

contemplative and truth seeking. Leo is loyal and wants so much to be loved. But 

it truly is so important that Leo gets honest with him/herself about what they really

want and to go for it!!!

This is such a bright pocket of energy that will really assist us in the change that 

is about to come. So what you must ask yourself is, am I going to stay stuck, or

Am I going to use this energy to move myself forward toward my goals and dreams?

Believe in yourself! 

You can do this!



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