Updated: Jul 10, 2019

Hi Beauties,

So I'm going to break this down very simplistically according to your North Node (Western). I will later incorporate the Sidereal Astrology for exercise/ routine/ etc. but for now, let's just get the food down!

Here is Free Birth Chart Calculator (look for North Node):

Aries- Fire sign, all the way. If this is your North Node, you're going to have to properly fuel your body for success. Think athlete/ champion/ body builder types of regimens that are simplistic but attainable. You also need fire power through spices and foods that get you moving. Think curry, salsa, etc. Just not too much oil; it will pull you down and steal your energy. Deal with resentments, jealousy and anger before picking up food. You are still a priority!

Pisces- You love to feel, and food is no different. You need food that has soul and purpose. Soul foods are a great example of ways to include an emotional component into your diet, but make sure that these are light and healthy. An example would be a smoothie bowl that is well balanced between protein, maybe some veggies, fruit and topped with an artistic aesthetic.

You also have a tendency to eat over emotions. Express them; don't hide them!

Capricorn- Up the mountain, you go! Your engine needs a bit of fire and earth energy to get moving. Anything from the ground will really empower you (root veggies, potatoes, etc.) Your biggie is taking the time to eat meals that not just fuel, but ground your body. No whimpy meals for you. And no eating 9xs a day or snacking your way through! Be cautious of no eat/ eat everything eating patterns that represent your lack of self-care or compassion.

Aquarius- Eccentricity is your calling, and food is no different. Like Pisces, your food has to fulfill a higher purpose. Perhaps you eat in a sustainable, no toxic, plant based or less harmful versions of diet. People may find your habits strange; but if you take time to adequately learn about nutrition, you will be a happy camper! You are the most affected by your thinking, using food to calm the nerves or anxiety. Acknowledge this and go easy on stimulants. Calm is going to make you amazingly efficient in life and have a healthy relationship with food.

Gemini- Can't decide? Well, that's ok. You don't have to. Take it a meal at a time. You have a tendency to go from healthy to McDonalds without skipping a beat. That's OK but recognize you have a desire for adversity. Learning to cook is essential for you, because you can then make healthier versions of your favorite foods with feeling deprived. Go for it! Just don't overindulge in foods that perhaps fulfill one side of yourself (the dark side) while ignoring your body's essential nutritional needs. To thrive, you have to have balance! And not allow your brains many thoughts, ideas and compulsions to run the show. Cancer- Sweet Cancer, what is love, if you don't give it to yourself? Your food should reminiscence and make you feel like you are receiving a hug of comfort. You want to provide for others and make them feel amazing; start with yourself. Soups, salads, grains and legumes work well with your system to encourage feeling light, healthy but warm. Remember there is no honor in people pleasing nor isolation. Have family or friend meals; or a special date with yourself! Give yourself healthy versions of the foods you really want, but balance with other meals as well. A full day of fruit is no adequate; nor is take out. You need, emotionally, time to cook and feel love. Food practices can help! Taurus- Ohhh girl, you like to eat. A bit fussy too sometimes if the meals aren't made according to your elegant standards. Learn to cook, for goodness sake, or else you'll hate your life. No, but really, haha! Because then you'll be closure to one of the most prime things that gives you pleasure. You want to really look on Pinterest, online, get some cook books, etc. And have food that is decadent, but healthy. Too decadent and then you'll be robbing yourself of the pleasure of having an amazing body. Protein is essential, and yes, vegetables are necessary.

Leo- Easy on the wine or luscious foods. You body needs protein, like the animal you are. You can still do so plant based, but don't fool yourself into forgetting that nutrient. Also, you want to make food, "The Spice of Life". You want a party in and around your food. Music, maybe a glass or wine or something sweet and some down time. Eating is an EVENT for you!

Virgo- Planning = success. You want to know everything about nutrition, be healthy but also have a tendency to emotionally eat. Just regimen yourself and practice self-love, even with food. Foods that are healthy but palatable will really strike your fancy, as well as teas/ concoctions/ essential oils that feed something deeper within you. You relationship with food reflects your inner relationship with yourself. Don't forget that! Libra- Like a Fussy child, you can go for the more "fun" things on your plate. Having a tendency to overdo carbohydrates such as (white) bread, rice, etc. You won't except less than delicious food. That's alright; until you are unbalanced. You have to learn how to balance your meals, Libra, in a way that makes you happy but fuels your body. You have a tendency to skip meals and the binge. Just make sure when you do eat (& that you actually eat) you eat things that supply you with protein, fat, carbs and veggies. Fruit is always OK! You tend to like peanut butters and childlike foods. Have fun with it, but make it good for you and good feeling!

Scorpio- Wine, chocolate and death aren't considered "meals" LOL. You tend to be really intense about your diet, needing to find a healthy balance between a healthy and sane meal plan and cheat days. You tend not to trust a lot of outside advice, and have to try it for yourself. But make no mistake, Scorpio, your body will do as well as your treat it! You need to give it ample vitamins and minerals as well as SLEEP. Make it easier by giving yourself an intense experience with food (bring on the hot sauce) but take the time to really enjoy it and get into an emotional love space. Deep, dark, passionate love with your food and yourself (or partner). You take, "Spice of Life" to a whole new level... Perhaps the french work decadent strikes a chord with you. Make your food healthy and decadent!

Sag- Forever optimistic, you can fold yourself into any food eating regimen, so long as you get the results you want. You like foreign foods and to play. So, play! Try new foods, new ways of eating, but always put some vegetables on your plate and you'll be in good shape! Do not ever settle for boring or bland. You need lots of flavor and spices to feel good about your food and what you are doing for yourself!

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