Weekly TaroScope!

GOOD OLE TAROT HOROSCOPE  Hi Beauties,  This week I wanted to go old school with a good ole horoscope reading for the week. If you check out our horoscopes on our 12Listen.com front page, this is an extended version, to give you the best footing for the week (and month, and year) ahead! 

TAROT SCOPE Ohhhh!!! This is exciting. Usually, I pull 4 cards, but a third jumped out. YAY! 

IV PENTACLES- This is so perfect for me! I was just thinking about how I have been spending WAY too much, and in preparation of the rest of the year's travels/expenditures/savings, I pulled back financially. This is what the card shows! You may be pulling back, after a few months of fun, or just worried about finances in general. It definitely feels like there is a lot going on, a lot we are waiting to come to fruition, so we have to be responsible and dilligent with this aspect of our lives. However, the flip side to this card is being anxious, worried and uncertain about the future. There is a delicate balance between holding onto what we have, and beating ourselves up for circumstances that are beyond our control. As always (and this has been the most important lesson I have learned to manifest in all areas of life) be kind and gentle with yourself. If you can pull back a little, but lovingly, without the shame and self-punishment, you will be in a good position moving forward! Don't fixate on the  money matters, fixate on the opportunity and blessings that will move you forward. XI JUSTICE - This card denotes a balancing of the scales happening. We will get to the root of the overspending, but more specifically, the under-earning. If you are looking for a new job and have not found one or secured a spot, you are being offered an opportunity to prove yourself. This card asks for compassion, honesty and fairness with yourself as well as compassion. Manifestation is not about wishful thinking, it's about aligning with your highest reality. This card will help us get there! 

VII WANDS/WORLD - This combination means BIG CHANGES on the horizon. YES!!!! If you have been wanting that change to occur, or trying to manifest, it is out there. You might have to broaden your scope but it is absolutely worth it. You might have to move, or look to a new area, or travel. But again, it is a prayer answered. Though dedicated and focus, this new opportunity is coming in hot. This could be a massive completion or a whole new beginning.

A VERY  AMAZING manifestation is on it's way. This particularly pertains to a job or career opportunity (2019 setting the stage for the new 20 years) but The World card says that ALL your Manifestations are coming through. 

2019 is, and will be, the major year to make sure... YOU get the BEST!  You deserve it and are fully capable of aligning with it. 

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