Weekly Magickal Grace

Hello Magickal Beauties, 

Thank you for joining me once again for a new edition.

If you have been struggling with 2020 and the hardships that 

it has brought us, I just did an episode on how to process the 

pain and find purpose in this difficult year with two wonderful



One of my favorite lines from this edition was to ask yourself: 

"Is this my feeling, or someone else's?"

I know that may seem simple, but how often do we take on other people's

struggles, making our own lives appear unmanageable? How often  

do we hear negative voices from the past that harm our sense of self-value 

and self-love? How often do false thoughts and fears appear in our heads,

that can easily be eradicated by that simple identification: mine or not mine?

It was a wonderful and humbling edition I highly recommend!

Week Ahead Forecast

Well, well! I have just about the best news EVER!!! 

This past week we had Saturn go direct. If you did not know, the major three

planets that went retrograde this year were Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto. As of right now,

both Jupiter and Saturn have gone direct. YAY! 

But don't stop "yaying' just yet: Pluto is going direct!!! 

Big yay yay yay!!! All three planets will be direct. 

This means a new chapter in our 2020 narrative. We will have new energy 

coming in and a sense of forward movement. Pluto retrograde is always difficult

and deals with the deeper emotions we tend to fear and run away from, but 

actually need to embrace for healing. It has been deep and intense this year, but 

this week, things will lighten up! 

So what should you expect? HEALING! 

And an ability to begin to move past some of the hardest experiences of 

2020, that may have brought up some deeper issues from the past. 

You did the hard work, you went through the hard times, and now it's time

to come out the other end transformed. You are now a Phoenix on the Rise!

What will be very important with this new forward motion is to remember 

all that it took to get you here. What you endured in 2020. How it changed you.

We still have 3 months left of the year that will have to do with some unexpected

change, fighting for our goals and finding a renewed sense of spirituality. 

But mark my words... 

When 2021 comes, you will be a NEW YOU. 

You will be proud of yourself and grateful for every adversity you overcame. 

This is just the beginning of a new life; we can not even see the full picture 

just yet. But I can guarantee, it will be amazing.



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