Weekly Magickal Grace

Hello Magickal Beauty!

I hope you enjoyed your week, though, so many of us 

really felt that Full Moon this past Tuesday-Wednesday 

(even up to Friday). 

We had such a great time on Magickal Grace talking about the

Sphinx meaning and imagery. Listen for more information on Leo/Virgo Season:


The Week Ahead What has really been coming through lately is the Uranus and Neptune 

Retrograde. Neptune was big this past week having us all question 

our relationship to Higher Power, Source or God. 

When Neptune is direct we can have hard times and still feel like 

a child of stardust. We can watch a show, listen to music or somehow 

transport ourselves out of bleak reality into something magical. 

It does become harder when Neptune goes retrograde, as we find ourselves

on the hunt for spiritual support. It may show up in the realm of wanting 

physical and emotional support, but really, there is that missing piece of 

where does Divine Connection fit into all of this? What is the plan? 

You may find yourself seeking the heart of the Universe, of good, and wanting 

so badly to know that you are OK. That everything is happening for your good

and the exact directions for your future. It is, as all retrogrades are, a calling home.

This is also tied into Saturn retrograde, which can bring up questions of 

good and evil. What is good for you, and what is shaming you into the ground? 

Uranus retrograde also calls on nostalgia, wanting us to go back to basics and 

to find what works. I know this may feel like a tall order, but know, you are being 

called to build for yourself a safe, sturdy and loving foundation to stand on. 

So why is this all happening? 

What is the purpose of it? 

Well, this is a deep transformation. One that molds us like a sword under the 

intense heat. It may feel unbearable at times, but the more adaptable and the more 

we accept our evolution, the easier this transition will be. 

This is a massive change for all of us that has us preparing for a better future. 

One free of delusion and illusions, confusion and hatred. We are ridding ourselves

of the darkness within so that we can shine brighter than we ever have before. 

This week, change is afoot! Jupiter is soon to go direct, meaning expansion. 

New opportunities, learning, jobs, people, etc.

What has felt like a period of "stuck" will be replaced with abundance and opportunities/. Life is moving forward! And so are you!

Candle of the Week: White 

May your soul be purified and free from darkness (hate, oppression, sadness, disease, shame). May you be filled with light and with love!



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