Virgo Season, Baby!!!!!

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Virgo Season, Baby!!!!!

Hello my beauties (inside and out). 

Can we begin this article with a pat on the back? Not everyone works so hard to develop their spiritual and emotional lives. You are; and that deserves praise! 

I start with that boost of confidence because Virgo's are known to wake up on the negative side of the bed. As a Virgo, I can attest, that is not necessarily true. But we are fixers. We analyze. We seek out problems, bad harvest or non-serving people/places/things to eliminate from our existence. 

Can this get a bit tedious?Absolutely. 

Along with being overly perfectionistic, idealistic and black & white thinking. 

The up side is that Virgos are very comfortable with change. We seek out change and only want to best for ourselves, and others. This seasonal temperature will be affecting you as well.

Horoscopes for Mid-Virgo:

We are just in the middle of Virgo season, soon to be on the Virgo/Libra brink. This breaking down of seasons has been referred to as "decans". What you need to know is that we are in the Virgo-Virgo phase. We are seeing changes that need to be made. Let's address them now: 

Air Signs (Aquarius, Gemini, Libra)

The thinking, planning and vision needs to change. You are all so creative but struggle with executing your brilliant ideas. One of the harder lessons for your sign is to get out of your head and into community. As much as you want to be the idea man/woman, you also need to get help and support for yourself. Blocking off yourself from vulnerability and support will only get you more of the same. Your life needs a cold, hard objective look from an outsider, as well as a new vision for the future. The good news: that's what you are so good at creating! 

Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio)

At least one situation will pop up this Virgo season to enhance your emotional life. It may appear negative, but is here to serve you. It is here to put your life into a new perspective. The big lesson is not coping with adversity or even opportunity; it's how you respond. Sometimes you can get stuck in the emotions, without moving forward with deliberate and empowering action. This is the moment you turn your rain drops into a powerful force of manifestation, love, comfort and movement. 

Earth Signs (Capricorn, Taurus, Virgo) 

You are certainly in your element this season. Earth signs, during an Earth month, will have a learning curve through the physical realm. This is usually when they like to travel, explore or finish projects because it leads to a bigger lesson on how to manifest. Sometimes Earth signs can rely too much on Air signs, authority figures or institutions to deliver the "go ahead" for their lives. You are so adept at managing, manifesting and creating... you forget to really go deep and see what it is YOU want and how you can have that WITHOUT a tamp of approval. Dedicate yourself to your deep desires and making it a reality. 

Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius) 

A lesson in passion, my dear friends. You fall in love with an idea and go for it, sometimes without considering the long term effects or consequences. You have a lot to teach the other signs about spontaneity, fun and happiness; yet, Virgo is teaching you to consider the long term in your pursuits. Sometimes what you want is based on desire or conditioning, rather than authenticity. Review your long term goals and make sure this is truly what you want! 

Moon Sign *

Another essential tip: ALWAYS look at your Moon sign! 

This will give great detail about you emotional needs and help you to make more satisfying decisions for yourself. 

All in all, we have a wonderful week ahead.

Change is on the horizon, but it's the perfect setup to make the rest of 2019 a wonderful reward of our hard work, dedication and love for life and all it's blessings!


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