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Mercury Retrograde

Only 2 Weeks left of Mercury Retrograde. Yayyy!!!

We had such a wonderful show together this week on 12 Radio,

debunking the negativity and fear that's coming up during this time.

Remember, change is uncomfortable. But it is worth it. And you are worth it!!!

And out of this show, videos and articles... I am seeing beautiful people rise up

and fight for what they believe in. Manifesting, being set free and receiving blessings.

Can I get a hell-yeah-lulla???

If you want to listen back to the show and learn more about Mercury Retrograde:

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This Week's Horoscope

Knight of Pentacles

The Knight starts off the week working on himself and his money/business. He is in the fighting stage of development. He doesn't have all the answers, but he... or she... has everything he needs to succeed! Keep going!

Knight of Swords

The mind of the Knight if extremely active and undergoing a transformation.

The clarity and answers are slowly coming... keep going!!! You are manifesting, but there is further to go!!!

Four of Pentacles

By the end of the week, you Manifest. You aren't quite a King/Queen yet, but you have accomplished what you set out for! Or... Four! Lol.

Don't clam up over your belongings. There is fear you will lose what you have obtained, or not get all that you want. You will! You will have so much more. Only 2 more weeks of Mercury Retro and blessings that are yet to come through.

Remember, the mantra during this season, is you will get what you want.. not what you need. BUT, important but, the need will be far superior to your past desires. This is a massive "come up" and break through. Don't stop, don't allow the fears to become your beliefs. You are doing it!!! You are shining!!!

Do not forget, who and what you REALLY are!



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