Updated: Feb 17

Hey Beauties,

GOOD DAY! I hope this message finds you all well. 

We had a fantastic week over at 12Radio.com. 

I brought on my Brother Brian, the paranormal expert... and comedian. 

Odd combo, right? To give you ghosts and laughs. Here is the podcast (with new Mic system... YAY!) for those interested: MagickalGrace


We also Launched Magickal Grace website. 

Check out the "learn Magick" section 

for advice on candles, manifesting, astrology and more! 

Tarot Reading this Week: 

I thought we'd go old school and do a Tarot Reading: 

Five of Wands Five of Wands showcases people on the same level fighting for recognition, position and to be on top. Has work been a battle? Or one-up-man-ship with a colleague??? The fight for success is on! 

This card indicates that you are heading for success in business or in the workplace, but competition has slowed you down. You may have spent too much time on on others, rather than your own abilities. Let go of the fight, flight or freeze lower self-- and embrace the passion you truly have for your work. 

King of Cups The King of Cups projects creativity to achieve success. He encourages self-discipline, creative workings (imagination) and nurture. Though you may not realize, nurture is what you need in this circumstance. Seek peaceful and harmonious peoples around you. Or, disappear into your internal world, where everything is possible... and fighting is not necessary. 

Strength By the end of the week, the Strength card indicates you have been successful in dominating yourself. Leo is the astrological association to this sign and at a lower, survival instinct, aims to dominate and rule over others. It chases people, like a Lion on the hunt, only to lose himself. But you have ascended above this instinct, and have learned to dominate and rule over yourself. To claim your own Choice and Authenticity. You are responsible for your thoughts, feelings and actions... and no one else's! 

Remember this week, to tame the beast. The road from survival Leo... or Lion... is through it's polar opposite Aquarius. Or, through Neptune's healing, nurturing and magickal abilities that bring about accountability, restraint and incredible imagination.  This is absolutely essential in order to be successful in business, and beyond.  There is an interesting escapism present, where we feel the need to fight others,  or chase them, in our pursuit of success.  Remember, you are the Magnet.  And no one... and no ambition... is worth abandoning yourself.  You are the Light... how bright you burn!

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