Virgo Brings Us Into Focus

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Hello Beauties & Spiritual Warriors! I hope you are all FABULOUS, enjoying Virgo Season to the absolute fullest.  Remember, 12Listen advisors are empowering your daily lives through IG: Join our community for fun times, horoscopes and spiritual insights! Now, for your week ahead:  Virgo Brings Us Into Focus. When I think back to high school and college, oh boy, the things I SHOULD have gotten in trouble for! I can not say I was a perfect angel. Like every other teen I had a desire to fit in. We all have this desire; our survival depends upon fitting into a social group! And yet, people seem to shame this quite a bit. 

But, we all made growing-mistakes. Hopefully, we learned from them. We develop our boundaries as adults based on the repercussions for our mistakes. I had an acute awareness during certain moments that surely saved me. But this is a common core issue I see in adults lacking hope in their future. 

Children that have not been encouraged, pushed and held accountable end up really struggling later in life. Their capabilities were never tested, and therefore, they feel inadequate and incapable. They feel a very low sense of self worth. 

Physical abuse is NOT a healthy consequence of a mistake, nor is shaming or belittling. Truly, we are all learning how to empower ourselves and our children in a healthy way. Statistics tell us, for instance, that happy employees perform 12% more effectively and stay in the same position for 60% longer than unhappy employees. It is fair to say, happiness goes a long way!  The reason I bring this up is Virgo Season & the recent Virgo New Moon. This is a time of personal accountability. So many of us have dreams, goals and desires that inevitably burn out after years of trying or failed attempts. We begin to believe not only have we made mistakes, but that we are the mistakes. We were silly to dream big, to go after goals and to believe that we can have it all. 

Well, here is some Virgo tips on how to best utilize this season: 

1. You Get What You Put In- Oprah said it best. If you move forward, you will manifest. Every time. Without exception. Stop deciding, worrying or doubting; do! 

2. Develop A Plan of Action- If you have a dream of being a puppeteer in France, go for it! But the first element of manifestation is Air: a vision/plan. France first? Puppets first? Do you need training? Practice every single day? What's the building blocks of your empire? 

3. Slow & Steady Wins the Race- I know this one, very well! Every day I have to decide whether I am going to rip my apartment apart and "cleanse" the home of anything unnecessary, edit our documentary, psychic work, make vegan food... or ALL the above?  Well, it's all the above. As well as exercise, service work, social life, etc. Thing is, we can have goals. But if we do not also prioritize self-care, our social life and hobbies; we can not sustain working for too long. Something has to give. This is a set up for disaster; a binge-isolate cycle of overworking, burning out and then sleeping for 3 days straight. Extend your long term plan to include a life worth living. Ya know why? You are worth it! And, again, happy workers are 12% more effective in their jobs. Muahahaa!

Take it from a Virgo, if you are struggling with a manifestation, no matter if that's love, job, money or career; one of these 3 tips is off! 

Your goals are not mistakes, nor are you. Do not give up. Just move forward, babies. I promise you SUCCESS!!!!