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Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Hi Beauties, 

I hope you are all having a LOVELY beginning to the Scorpio Season. 

And Happy Birthday to all Scorpios out there. You are loved, treasured and worthy 

of all you desire! 

If you missed this Week's Sacred Grace: Tarot, you can catch it on demand: 


Julie R., a 12Listen advisor, joined me live for the discussion. 

A little insight on what, when, where and how to read cards! 

Scorpio Season: Transformation

If you saw my posts this week, you know this is the last chance of 2019 for transformation. If you really want insight into your transformation this month, look at your Birth Chart for Pluto/Mars and even your Moon sign. There is PLENTY to be done there! 

What is so striking to me is the planet Pluto. Whenever I look into someone's birth chart, I know Pluto reveals their deepest emotional need fulfilled. I think the best service here is to give you the insight we ALL need and require: 

Pluto Signs - You Deep Emotional Need

(Go to birth chart for information on what sign your Pluto is in)

Capricorn- Those with Pluto in Capricorn have a deep seated issue with authority and the powers that be. You may have been deeply hurt from these powers and crave a new structure, a new platform and a new way of doing things. It can be as various as an abusive authority figure to a neglectful parent. You aim to build a world on a stable, strong and healthy foundation that is good for all. 

Aquarius- It is interesting for Pluto to be here, which may denote a fight for the outsider, underdog or the fish out of water. There is a sense of being the fish out of water, while also, craving to deeply embrace your eccentricity and support the same in others. You deeply need people to approve of this, though you may not be aware of this emotional need. 

Pisces- You have a deep emotional need for nurture, spirituality, compassion and empathy. This world has shown you it's best and it's worst; you want to look at things from a new perspective and live a magical, artistic and intense reality. You want people to see you for the Siren you are- leading them by your song into the Ocean of Truth & Beauty. 

Aries- This could be a person who grew up with a lot of competitive and masculine spirit. It does not mean sports and the like; it means oneupmanship. You feel you need to prove yourself and beneath the surface have fears about being last. You have a lot of anger, resentment and desire to prove yourself. Truly, you need to be supported and validated for the worthy person you are, in a healthy and esoteric manner. 

Taurus- You tend to hold onto things out of control. It's as if what you have can not be taken away; but many times the Universe challenges you to release it all. Your fixation on materials, luxury, land, possessions, etc. is really about claiming your spot in humanity and society. The Lady doth protest too much, Taurus. You need not claim physically what can only be achieved emotionally. 

Gemini- Like the Tarot Card, The Chariot, you sit on two sphinx: black and white. You have a deep need to understand the truth in all things and share it with the world. Were you beguiled once or twice? Do you feel people in your past are illusionary, full of it or dishonesty? Your desire in life is to find the path of truth and this can only be found in the grey. 

Cancer- A deep desire to feel at home in a world, family or society that has made you feel like a fish out of water. Dear Cancer, keep searching. But remember you have to start from within. You have to give yourself the validation, love and support you seek. No one does it quite like you! 

Leo- A deep need to be seen and to bring light to the world. Leos hold a secret from their past. They can come from top families, but be the runt of the litter. Their value is in out shining others, but this is a mask for the person who felt less than. You are not less, Leos; shine your light so others can shine too!

Virgo- You have a deep need to fix things that are broken. Virgos are surrounded by broken people. They rely on your stoic appearance for support. You need to fix is not others, it is yourself. You feel broken because of your sensitive nature than internalized painful criticism and shame. Release it now, Virgo. Look at things objectively and know you are loveable. 

Libra- A deep need for balance, justice, beauty and truth. You may also enact revenge because of this desire. Things are not always fair, Libra. The more you can set yourself up for success with people, jobs, etc. the more happy of a life you will live. Find the balance between yourself and others, or you will always be off balance. 

Scorpio- A deep deep need for spiritual and emotional transformation in a physical manner. These people are pulled to the occult because they don't want light & fluffy. They want the hidden, secret truths about life and how to be free. How to be a whole person, light and dark, and how to maximize your resources for success. You need... power. 

Sagittarius- Coming directly after Scorpio, you want to explore the world and philosophize. You need to experience and learn from things other than what you have learned or experienced in the past. The deep fear is being stuck forever in chains. Freedom, above all else! 

Hope that shines some light, beauties. I will be on this week if you want to talk in further details. Remember, you are worth the transformation! 




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