WEEKLY GRACE: Expect the Unexpected

Updated: May 26

Good Morning, beauty. I am wishing you a wonderful week filled with so many Miracles, you an hardly bear it! Let's get into the Week Ahead. Aries Season Begins In Sidereal or Vedic astrology, we have just entered into Aries Season. After many Moons under Pisces, which can bring about delusion or a feeling like we are in another world, we are definitely ready for this change! Aries season is ruled by Mars, the wonderful planet of fire power! Aries usually brings about inspiration, ambition, courage and optimism. It burns hot and heavy for our desires and allows us the "pow" we need! It can also bring with it, as the planet of war, some conflict. We have so much cosmic junk being purged in the world. We are all facing it and those that continue to produce fear, anger and hate will only be doing themselves a disservice that will bleed into all of the conscious realm. We need always be aware of this, and when we feel low or in a spot of overwhelm, we get the help we need.

This conflict is apart of living in the Age of Pisces, ruled by Neptune, the great Dissolver. When I think of Pisces, I think of Jesus (probably because he was known as the fish and that has been his symbol). What always struck me about Jesus was so many had portrayed him as this loving dude with children in one hand, a lamb in the next and daffodils growing everywhere he walked. How very Piscean to imagine this ethereal man! When he himself said, "I have not come to make Peace, I have come to destroy". Woah. Powerful words from a Messiah. So what does that Neptune energy destroy? Just like any catastrophic energy, it's main objective is to destroy the bad and the oppressive. But, that is easier said than done. Neptune in known for his temperament as the god of the sea. Earthquakes are thought to occur when he gets fussy. And this happens sometimes for no reason at all. And we know, especially with the Higher Ruling planet of Neptune being Pluto (death/rebirth) that there will always be catastrophic events attached to Mars. Ones our consciousness is committing. Ones that result from extremes. And this year has felt like the most extreme, from bombings to lives lost, to loss of livelihood and emotional hopelessness. This is the Dark before the Dawn. It should be noted we do see a shift April 22nd in government institutions.There is a lot of rebuilding energy in the charts, but the conflict is still there. And above all else, what is not working, is that polarization which bounces from side to side, causing our entire world to be working against itself. We will really need to think about this polarization, or extremes, of positions throughout the year and it will rise during Aries Season as war bound Mars comes to play and get what he wants. The good news is that we have been out of balance, and this new energy will work towards restoration. Fiery Mars will allow for us to fight for what matters. To fight for Solutions, to fight for clarity and truth, to fight to rebuild to economy, to fight for one another, to fight for medical break throughs and to look death and destruction in the face and say, "not today". All while not realizing, we are dissolving our own fear based systems of thought that have kept us oppressed for so long. To add to this mix, the actual Planet of Mars will be in it's sign of exaltation, Capricorn. The Universe is supplying us with an enormous amount of courage and bravery. And energy! And never forget that fire is Spirit; it is the element that burns away the bad and purifies any mass. When you bathe, why do you do it with war water? Fire, or heat, is a puritan. Why are comfort foods warm? Why do we sleep under blankets? Warmth is essential to wellbeing. And with it, the Planet will also become warmer going into Spring Time. Do not expect this time to be easy to predict, especially with Uranus in Aries. Expect the unexpected! Most of the energy is in the 10th House of Career, but as a whole, that means we are focusing on Building Solutions that contribute to the whole. We are all coming together, in courage, to defeat the true enemies of our time. Not one another. And the break throughs will be boundless! If you need a deeper look, you know where to find me. And as always-- stay Magickal! You have more power in you than you think that can shift the tides of fate. Blessings, Grace

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