Weekly Grace: Athena

Updated: May 26

Hello, Beauties! 

A double welcome to Aries Season (Esoteric Astrology) where it is about to get Hot, Hot and more Hot! 

This week on Sacred Grace I will be reviewing all 12 Signs and what they should be focusing on during this Aries Season. 

But till then, let's dive deeper into what Aries Season means for you! 

Aries Season: A Mythology 

This story begins pre-Bronze/Iron age wence the God of the Age was the Feminine Divine. 

Yes, if you did not know, we did not always follow the Father God in our humanity. And during the periods previous, the Mother Goddess ruled supreme. Unfortunately during this time, so did blood magic. And as the Mars energy sprung forth from the Earth, so did the desire for Patriarchy to rule. 

So warriors, actual fighters, came to temples and towns and destroyed their pagan blood shedding away the previous Feminine ruling. They married off their female goddesses to their own male gods and instead chose animal sacrifice over human sacrifice. 

And this cycle of Yin v. Yang, Masculine v. Feminine and all around Religious Chauvinism and Anti-Chauvinism has existed since the dawn of our time. Even in the original texts of Genesis, in which Adam had a first wife before Eve. Her name was Lilith and she did not want to be dominated by Adam. She told him, "we both come from star dust, shouldn't we both be equals?" And he hated that. 

And thus, that part of the story was removed and she later became associated as a demon! An evil, witch women that feeds off of some very disturbing things. 

What I am trying to say here is: 

Fighting Fire with Fire. 

Does it work? 

Does it REALLY change the core,

Or does it just alter the superficial reality? The titles, the sex, the names or the the power? 

And this energy is exactly what Aries/Mars is about. Interestingly, we had this dual between the Sun and the Moon while we entered this season. The feminine and the masculine were once again fighting for the title! Fighting for attention, and really making it difficult for any of us to feel a sense of comfort and ease. 

Now, Aries/Mars is masculine and represents Warrior energy. But in my favorite astrology, esotericism, we like BALANCE! We believe in practical application of balancing energies to be the right formula for correcting the negative determinants of any sign. 

And boy... does Aries have several! 

As does every sign. 


Enthusiasm, ambition, passion & fire 


Naive, Arrogant, restless & superior 

So how does beautiful Warrior Aries evolve in this lifetime? How do we stop fighting one another and start ascending to the higher realms we were truly meant to represent? 

This myth occurs in the Iliad when Athene saves the day by throwing a rock at Aries head for irrationally trying to go to war. She tells him, in so many words, "I'm trying to knock some sense into you!" 

And that is very much needed here. Every Aries (remember you have Aries/Mars somewhere in your chart) needs both the ability to channel it's fiery spirit, but also to tame the Wild ID Ego within. It needs to honor it's base desire with the assistance of a even tempered friend. 

This comes in the form of Athena who is the female higher ruler of Aries (or Mercury). Feminine energy is favored here to balance the masculine (adrenaline/testosterone) drive of Aries. It cools it off, just enough, to knock some reason into it. To plan things out for the long term, not just the short!

This is also exemplified in Tarot under the Strength card- a woman taming a lion or beast. 

So where Aries/Mars falls in your chart, are you tamed? Or is this month time to tame your inner beast? 

Love, Grace

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