Change is Coming

Updated: Nov 3, 2019

Hello My Beauties! We have officially confirmed, after months of saying My Beauties, that we are the "Beauty Squad". Also known as The Beauties! I am soooo in love with this because we DESERVE to have a Squad! We deserve to support of one another. 

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WEEKLY HOROSCOPE So... Mercury Schmercury, right!? As we pivoted from Cancer Season to Leo Season, Mercury Retrograde pulled a fast one and moved  into Cancer from Leo. Geesh!  Also noteable, North Node is R in Cancer. Cancer is here to stay! Last week, I went deep into what that meant for us during Cancer Season, but what does is mean during Leo Season? How can we navigate the waters? 

Magic is Here! Yes, good ole Magic! Any water sign has such a magical quality to them, whether spiritual or emotional. I do not personally believe we can been magical if we do not FEEL. This week, we have a lot of business to take care of! It's time to get on top of our daily tasks and really organize our lives accordingly. We have to really be one step ahead, this week, and make every moment count. 

Change is Coming With these planets retrograde, the Universe needs us to take a step back, and develop a new tactic for self-care, love and relationships. We need to assess how we do things and chose a better way. Come Fall- major change is on the horizon! What are your goals? How can you begin living like a Champion now, before the Champion life arrives? Do not wait for the Universe to push your best Manifestation skills forward! 

An Unexpected DeliveryJust when we were hoping things would settle down, they are not! They are going to amplify, giving us more reason to dig deep and prepare for this change (late August-early Sept.). This is a GOOD change; new job, new romance or a brand new spanking idea that you never thought would happen.  This upcoming week, the final of July, is a transition into this New Reality. Do not forget about Manifesting! In the words of the music band Nerd , "I get it how I live it... I live it how I get it". Surprisingly, that lyric is right on the Manifesting money! The outcome is based on how we live; we live in advance of our Manifestations. So put your BEST lifestyle forward!  Grace