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Last week's edition really hit the nail on the head with what the 

consciousness was going through. There was stress, but there was also 

hope and a real call to "baby steps" and "gentleness" in moving forward with 

our lives. 

With the changes afoot this August, it's time to take ACTION. 

Let's see what the forecast has to say:

Knight of Cups

Love is in the air! And of course, it can come in many forms. Knight of Cups is 

not just about romantic love, it's about sensitivity, imagination, creativity and the 

feelings. We must really be aligning with Cancer season as we embrace these 

qualities this week. But as the Knight stands ready to pursue it's ambitions, it is 

important to remember that Knights are active beings. They are fighters. Get ready 

to fight for what your soul and heart desire!

Seven of Swords

Some mind games afoot! This suggests our brains might try to take over and take us 

to places we don't need to go. This can also be the "protector" or "fake self" of our 

psyche. It is important to not rely on old tactics or approaches that have failed us. 

Allow your path to unfold, rather than insisting one is right for you. Stay open.

Three of Swords 

It seems by the end of the week, we have clarity on something that needs to be let go. 

Now this is not as scary as it seems! Within every problem lies a solution. Remember 

the Knight of Cups; we are seeking to fulfill our heart's desire. We can not do that with 

blocks in the way that seem to be mainly mental (or communication). Stay focused on

finding the right path for you but do not take on the responsibility of having to figure 

out exactly what that path looks like. Allow your Spirit Guides to guide you! And 

gracefully accept disappointment as a detour, not a "no".

Knight of Wands- Reversed 

The important guidance for this week is staying in the calm and serene Knight of 

Cups (the first card pulled) rather than the fighter mentality. It is important to carry

patience, gentleness, spirituality into this week. Knight of Wands is a fighter and very ambitious, but reversed, he is hasty and makes poor decisions. Take it easy! Do not just

jump into any situation for the sake of having a resolution. Allow Spirit to Guide you 

and the end results will be AMAZING! 

Have a beautiful week,


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