Warrior Mentality

Weekly Grace

Good Morning, beauties!

I hope everyone is safe and sound.

I have a very appropriate story to share with you all:

COVID-19: I have it?

My brother works in the city (NYC), in a high volume vicinity.

It crossed my mind that he might come into contact with COVID-19, but,

my mantra has and always will be the same:

What do we say to Fear? Not today!

That doesn't mean to be reckless or irresponsible; it means do not allow fear to run your

life! And that is a mantra that has helped me to defy the odds in life, time and time again. When I wanted something in my heart, but the fear was high, I needed to remind myself that fear was not going to run my life today.

And in this time, there is A LOT of fear. Let's not forget that TV News stations depend on ratings. I can attest from my years working in Hollywood at studios and production companies. There is no success without a bit of drama.

While there is a lot of polarization about this virus (person to person, station to station),

all of that falls away when reality hits you in the face.

For the last few days, my brother and I had a flu. It was pretty mild so we had to

stick to the mantra, "not today, fear". Yet, that shifted when he came home and confirmed that his employees had been confirmed positive for the COVID-19 virus.

Meaning he has it. Meaning I have it.

When he came home and told me, I could feel the hair stand up on my skin.

Suddenly, all the fearful podcasts and warnings came to mind. The worst case scenario

danced in my brain.

Am I going to get sicker? What's going to happen to me... what about my brother?

I have an autoimmune condition... what does that mean? Will I make it out of this?

And then again I allowed myself to say... Not today, COVID-19.

Not today.

I am a young, healthy girl that takes good care of herself. I am essentially in a quarantine without any interaction besides the grocery store. There are more at risk persons that

deserve my immediate worry and concern, but I am not one of them. Nor will I allow

my mind to make me a victim or martyr, when deep down, I know I a stronger than this.

I called my doctor and he confirmed my symptoms. He suggested I could go to an emergency room and get tested, but not everyone has the tests. It is then a generalization, rather than a proper diagnosis. He said he could not confirm nor deny, but most likely I have it.

I asked him, "Is there anything I have to do"?

No, he said. All of this is just to allow the virus to die out. 80-90% people have mild symptoms and within days regain their health.

I also happened to be on an antimicrobial herbal protocol, that was also antiviral.

This was my key defender in all of this, making it feel tame and unimportant.

But also, amazing timing!

But another defender that deserve the crown of success: my attitude!

NOT TODAY (inspired by Arya in Game of Thrones) allowed me strength in a

moment when I could have completely lost it.

Attitude is the key difference in accepting and allowing our adversities to defeat us,

or having a Warrior Mentality that can not be defeated. It also helps us remain in our

personal power, so that we can respond to situations effectively rather than reactively.

A Warrior Mindset

And this is the mindset I want to share with you all, to use for the rest of your life.

This is the mindset that gets me through every challenge.

The kind that makes me empowered.

Whatever the struggle, you can move mountains. We can move mountains.

One empowered is an individual. Two empowered individuals is a movement.

So, please, I invite you into the Magickal Community, where we say NO to defeat.

NO to sickness, NO to harm, NO to shame, always.

Why? Because you are more truly powerful than your limiting beliefs.

(Herbs/Oils for defense: Ginger, Vit C, Oregano, Grape, Olive Leaf, Berberine, Garlic, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Lemon)



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