Venus is NOT in Taurus!!!

Astrologers... don't kill me!

I was just listening to a podcast on Venus moving into Taurus (this week) and something in my gut said, "No".

This astrologer was interpreting that traditional Taurus behaviors and characteristics may not be true.... so don't expect them during Venus in Taurus (high taste, food, love, sensuality, etc.).

This is a perfectly correct interpretation and I'm certain not all Taurus' are sipping Veuve champagne, will getting a pedicure. But with the advent of modern technology, we can measure the Universe's position with precision and no longer rely solely on generalized charts. This allows for more accurate and deeper interpretations of astrology (also referred to as Sidereal astrology).

I was impressed by the astrologers going-against-the-grain interpretation, and will take it further: Venus is not moving into Taurus. It's still in Aries until March 25th-30th (accounting for shadow period).

So what does this mean? How can we use this?

With Mercury going direct in 2 weeks, we can move forward... Spring forward, and go for what we want. Venus doesn't just rule over love, it rules over things. So don't pigeonhole yourself into romantic endeavors. Make sure you are focusing on all things you love and where Aries hits your chart!

If you are, however, looking for love... mid March, you better get moving!

Aries is a FIRE sign. So bring the fire.

You have a 2-3 week period to get moving towards living a more Venus filled, love filled, life. Do not waste this energy. Be the champion you were born to be!

Aries is very aggressive, specifically called the Champion. I dated an Aries for several years and I can tell you about his Aries habits: he liked to work out and be fit. He didn't always appear passionate or competitive, but he was. He did like... "playing". A lot.

He liked to be babied, sometimes, or to have a softer.... more loving counterpart to his hard headed self. He was stubborn. He wasn't the brightest bulb in some areas; genius in others. Family was extremely important to him. Being respected was extremely important. The idea of military called to him-- he wanted to feel wanted and purposeful. He also liked to fight.

He liked food that had a sentimental value. He wasn't, like Taurus, into the fancy stuff. When he loved, it was for a lifetime. He liked me cause I stood out. They want to be... and have... a "Trophy" mate.

He treated me extremely well and liked that I pushed him. He was loyal to me; but I can't say he would be loyal to every girl he ever dated. He was less sophistication... more fun (and we all loved him for it).

These characteristics are what to expect for March-- Venus in Aries.

When it switches to Taurus, we can talk fancy fancy... maybe meet in Paris?

But for now, try to be YOURSELF. And know, that's enough.

And check out which house in your birth chart hits Aries. That's the one Venus is working her magic on!!!!

2 -3 Week period where love can be brought back to life, fought for found or explored.

Get out there, Aries!!!! Make it magickal!!



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