Venus R Taurus (Esoteric)

Updated: May 26

Venus Retrograde is fast approaching—24 hours to be exact! And will be in effect from May 13-June 25th. Like the unpredictable energy of this year, it is likely to cause personal & interpersonal challenges. One's that the Universe wants us to see and mend. When any planet goes retrograde, or appears to move backward in the sky, we are asked to slow down and consider this specific area of our lives. In the case of Venus, those include love, money, beauty/health/fitness, creativity, and harmony. When we really get down to the specific energy, though, we have Venus R in Taurus that will progress into Gemini towards the end of the Retrograde period (June).

Everyone will experience there own specific shade of Venus R, but should expect ideas around stability, support, loyalty, sensuality (food) and money to occur during the onslaught. This may be a good time to consider what is truly quality & valuable in life, and what isn't.

Ugh I can hear myself going on a diet already... But again, these are good things! What gives us immediate gratification, does not always equate long term success. Venus R knows that; and wants us to "trim the fat" in our lives. It is always difficult to release in these areas. People are always concerned about their love lives and how they will be impacted by Venus Retrograde. In my experience, it can be an amazing transformation.

Perhaps grief has been stored up and is affecting our ability to find a partner.

Perhaps resentments are causing tension.

Perhaps we have been resting on our laurels, and the dissatisfaction is manifesting in partnership. Whatever the case, trim the fat! No one loves to indulge more than a Taurus, but when they do, it's not going to be on Twinkies. They want only the BEST. Taurus is here to truly show us what "Best" looks like. It is here to have us trim away our outdated beliefs, ideas and blocks that prevent us from living and loving optimally. Speaking of Taurus... or Bulls.... the onslaught also brings some Bull Headedness! Whenever the planets begin their backward appearance, you get a negative response from people who are struggling with the positioning. People might appear stubborn, pushy and even bullying! Those horns can come up and charge forward! I can not encourage enough, pull back!!! If this is the way people react, is it really our place to partake? Or is it better... perhaps optimal... to protect our Peace & Happiness? Isn't that what Venus is all about? Pull back from Bullheadedness, and be aware when it rises within you. It is possible for all of us. We can not change all these energies, but we can certainly prepare ourselves for what is to come, and move forward in Grace. We deserve to trim the fat, and truly have all the benefits of this Season! I pray that each and everyone of you is able to truly walk in Grace during this time, remembering always, you are the Light. And nothing can harm you! Blessings, Grace

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