UFO'S: An Actual Encounter

Often I am asked what my opinions are on UFOs and do i believe there is a possibility that life exists outside of planet earth?  The answer to that question would be yes. 

I had witnessed an unusual pulsating light in the sky back in Philadelphia years ago. I remember running outside along with my Mom and a family friend,  all three of us saw this light grow in size and then detract and ultimately disappear as quickly as it came. I have no rational explanation for what all three of us encountered.  

Sadly, there is often a negative stereotype that a person must be “insane” to believe in Aliens.  Why is that? Could it be that the government designed it that way?  Blatantly downplaying accounts of UFOs and placing any type of story about people who claimed contact with extraterrestrial  life to “tabloid magazines” (such as the National Inquirer) so those stories would immediately lose credibility?

There is countless evidence of UFOs and alien life dating back to the Ancient Egyptians  to  modern day.  I often wonder why we haven’t launched a manned moon mission since 1972 ?   With the advancement in technology it seems to me that trips to the moon would be commonplace by now.  Did the crew experience something in the 70’s that frightened them? Or were they perhaps given a stern “warning” not to come back?  These are just hypotheticals, but i hope in time we discover definitive answers to those questions. 

The reason for this particular blog topic today dates back to a lunch i had with a man i will simply call “David”.  I contacted David after seeing a powerful documentary about his life as a prominent painter AND alien abductee, yes you read that correctly.  It seems through his artwork David unlocked a series of memories which he had previously “blocked” out.  Once the memories were “set free", his entire life was changed in an instant.  

David recounted being a little boy and sighting the “grey” aliens in the woods near his home while on a walk by himself.  Traditionally it has been accepted in UFO lore that the grey colored aliens are associated with more aggressive, malicious behavior.  

David was ultimately “sough out” by these beings and had several encounters with them as a child.  As David got older the “visitations” lessened and he was able to pursue a “normal” life. 

I’m not certain if the early visitations David received made him a magnet for extraterrestrials  or if he was somehow “marked” by them?   But to make a long story short, David was visited by a varying array of alien species. Fortunately, from his teen years onward David seems to have had what he would describe as “positive” encounters. 

What inspired me to seek David out was that i realized through watching the documentary  that not only did he live nearby, but he literally lived on the same street i used to live on. 

I remember making jokes that the evening sky in my town would occasionally look like a “UFO sky”. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but the vivid and unusual colors peering out from the clouds on seemed out of place.  I’m not definitively saying there’s a connection, but it is curious. 

David had fascinating stories to tell, all the while he  was jovial, lucid and extremely rational. I’m not a psychiatrist, but he struck me as sincere and of sound mind. 

Toward the end of my lunch with David i noticed what appeared to be two unusual puncture marks on his neck. He didn’t go into great detail and i didn’t want to seem rude, but those marks looked like they were made by some type of instrument.  I did recall him mentioning he was the subject of experimentations years ago while  “on board” a craft. 

I’m not certain what David encountered throughout his life, but i do know that something very profound impacted him. 

I have a very strong feeling there will come a day when the media no longer treats these stories as fodder for some laughs.  After all, the governments of the world can only mask what they can 100% control.  What happens when these sophisticated unearthly lifeforms no longer chose to remain in the shadows?   

Brian Hopson

Paranormal Expert & Investigator

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