Updated: May 26

Hey Beauties, Good Monring!!! Astrology: Sun- Pisces Moon- Cancer Element- Fire Learn/Share- Share Day Thank you for some of the msgs I have received about blessings coming forth. Yay!!! I am so proud of you all for defying the odds. There is no need to feel you are helpless, ever, not even during this time. And Cancer Moon puts us where we need to be.

We are handling business today, potentially on the home front. Yay!

We are over half way through Pisces Season, and still in the 12th house of Prison. Ugh. Unfortunately, it looks pretty stuck there for another 2 weeks at least. The GOOD side to this, is that 12th house is about breaking bondage. Breaking down certain limiting beliefs about ourselves that have held us hostage. If you didn't know, the 12th house prison is very man made. It's what we have internalized to be true and thus becomes an institution. It's very much our subconscious brain in all its glory as both a place of safety, but also condemnation. None of us REALLY want to stay stuck there. We want to get past the hard walls and truly come into contact with the squishy inside. We want a transformation of our protective mechanisms and our inner soul. Well, this is what Pisces Season is all about. That transformation. Today is a share day, meaning, a day we will want to be busy and out there. It helps to write a to-do list and then have FUN while doing it. Sending you all blessings and transformation power, Grace

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