Taurus Vibes

Sun 25°25' Virgo

Moon 14°35' Taurus

Mercury 7°21' Libra

Venus 5°03' Libra

Mars 20°01' Virgo

Jupiter 16°39' Sagittarius

Saturn 13°55' Capricorn

Uranus 6°04' Я Taurus

Neptune 17°05' Я Pisces

Pluto 20°41' Я Capricorn

Chiron 4°02' Я Aries

Weekend- Monday, we had an Aries Moon. It gave us the firey push we NEEDED

to move our lives forward. I personally when on an editing binge (yay) which was AMAZING

since 2019 I will have not one.. but 2 documentaries out I produced, stared in and edited.

Woah. That's a lot!

And I hope that Aries Moon empowered YOU in terms of achieving your goals.

Always remember, it is not always positive. When something comes forward it can appear negative, but

it is only trying to relay information for YOU to move forward.

For instance, something breaks in your apartment... but you have been considering moving.

This is just more cons v. pros about this apartment; it's the Universe's way of balancing the scales

in the optimal direction.

I personally, being a manifestation coach, do not send out messages of "abundance" and "scarcity is a myth",

because energy can not be created or destroyed. It can only be altered. Therefore, we have to make the MOST

of the energy we have. We have to be masters of transformation, rather than masters of delusion.

All that to say: Taurus Moon!


This explains why last night dinner: Pancakes.

Must. Massage. Essential Oils. Candles.

Again, the Universe is balancing the scales. Aries energy is muy caliente... Very hot! Very powerful!

But if we were to be on that Aries train too long, we would all get burned!

So Taurus is here to slow our roll. To remember, self-care and patience.


Because we all know... Rome. Was. Not. Built. In. A. Day.

So, pull back. Work that Moon sign. Give yourself what you need today before we shift signs.

Ex. Gemini Moon- get out the house, before you hurt yourself!

Ex. Pisces Moon- go to the theater, opera, go sing/dance, have deep convo with friends

Ex. Taurus- Take this moon to the most healthy, yet indulgent, level!!!!

Astrology is such a wonderful tool to understand ourselves, our natures,

and we need to live a happy and fulfilled life!

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