Sun in Scorpio: Transformation

Hi Beauties,

I have a secret to tell you:

We only have 2 mnths left of 2019. Crazy, right!?

It went by so quickly~!!!

And we will all look back in gratitude to ourselves, and 2019, for moving us in the direction we needed to go.

This is a Last Minute, last month really...

Opportunity for change and transformation. If we think about it, this is some 9-10 months after the

Birth of the New Year. Accident? I think NOT. It is LITERALLY the rebirth of our new self.

And I have encouraged you all to ask the big question, "What experience do I want in life?", as a great beginning to the manifestation process. Manifesting is WATER, not Air. We need to be diligent to not allow our ideas/visions to get in the way of our ultimate happiness.

For years, the Divine Feminine has been under cut. Dismissed. Devalued.

We emphasize hard work, success, money and all the masculine qualities, to the detriment of our True Selves.

We need BALANCE. And we are gravely out of balance.

If we had much more femininity, nurture, compassion and empathy... we wouldn't NEED to stuff ourselves

with food, money and excessive attention to null the pain of our empty existence.

To be honest, I have poo-pooed a lot of this in the past.

I wanted what I wanted; what I can now see as, "The Great Illusion".

It's all the things society puts forward as an image of success, happiness, worth, value and power.

But, it's not... it is NOT true happiness. At least not for me.

I do not think it's an accident that so many celebrities go off the deep end.

The overwhelm of attention is a trauma.

Too much money is usually met by poor relationships (not always, though).

Selling your soul means the abandonment of self and your feminine nature; the acceptance of greed.

There is no mother here... no loving force to pick you up, after falling, and to say

"I love you... I am here for you. You deserve better".

Better in QUALITY, rather than QUANTITY.

All the money in the world can not replace wonderful relationships.

A million dollar house is NOTHING compared to a home filled with warmth, love and value.

Being RICH in this life is not about being wealthy... it's about having it "all".

We have limited resources:

Limited energy, time and ability to be everywhere at once.

What I ask you, now, is where is your energy going?

Is it going to your happiness, peace, calm and overall wellness? Let anything harming you DIE OFF.

Let yourself be FREE from the hurt, pain and trauma we consider "normal". You deserve better.

With that, it IS a Sale day. I would be happy to share the areas in which you may need a little guidance.

Also, join Julie R and Myself this Thurs. on 12Radio for a great show about Tarot!

We WILL do live readings as well.

Love you, all.

Remember... you deserve the BEST!


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