All Readings are exciting- but having 2 Psychics at once?


To illuminate the experience, here is some background on both Erin and I:

Erin the Piscean Princess Life Coach, Psychic, Relationships, Tarot

Erin is a psychic, energy healer, and coach with the 12 Listen Family of guides whose primary purpose is to be of service to your highest good. She comes from a long line of psychic women on her mother's side, and has had psychic insight and energy healing abilities since childhood.

She is also an award winning playwright and comedienne, and so brings together her own special brand of coaching and healing through the power of laughter and transformational storytelling.

Specialties: Love/ Romance, Life coaching, Chakra Balance, Psychic Healing

12 Radio Show: WIDE OPEN

Grace the Earth Goddess

Health Intuitive, Manifestation Coach, Psychic

Grace is an accomplished intuitive, clairvoyant and energy healer with 20 years experience and a natural gift. At the tender age of 5 years old, Grace was divinely inspired to stand up and deliver accurate predictions at her local church. Soon after, she was recognized as "prophet" and worked with various churches, denominations and spiritual groups, delivering the messages she was receiving.

Star of documentary, Psychic: A Gift of Grace, Psychic Grace is a spiritual advisor with that specializes in manifestation, astrology, tarot, mediumship and channeling. Her most prized gift is assisting others to fully realize their highest calling and best lives.

Specialties: Manifestion Coach, Trauma & Energy Healer, Astrology and Life Purpose

12 Radio Show: SACRED GRACE

Together, it's our Mission to bring you optimal Healing, Love, Joy & clarity for whatever life situation you are currently enduring. We want to remind you that no matter the adversity, there is ALWAYS equal opportunity for growth, perseverance and change.

We are here to support you!