Secrets to Weight Loss: Part 2

I'm baccckkkkk!!!!

Sorry this took so long to get to, but I am here to educate on a subject that is WHOLLY OVERLOOKED when it comes to weight loss.

If you didn't know, I struggled for years with an eating disorder, and I felt a lot of shame for my emotions. I was told my overload of emotions was the reason for my hunger. Though this can be an aspect, it is also incredibly inaccurate.

Gut bacteria is a MAJOR ISSUE:

Sibo, Candida, parasites, etc. Caused by environment, toxins, low stomach acid, chewing, not enough raw foods, bad gut bacteria, etc. Our gut bacteria are little creatures we feed inside. If they aren't getting what they expect, they act out, in the form of cravings.

No amount of willpower is capable of silencing our little gut friends. What they want, goes. It is our responsibility to heal the gut, balance our bacteria, and thus live free of hunger pangs and digestive disorders. This could be the very reason why you struggle so severely with cravings; your gut wants it, not you!

I am posting some videos below detailing the issues, as well as a protocol I myself have followed and continue to follow when my gut gets out of whack. If you need a more detailed plan, find me over at

10 Day Protocol:

Take 1 probiotic a day or probiotic rich food (kills yeast/ balances gut)

Take Doterra Oregano Oil & GX Cleanse for 10 days

Remove added sugar, most fruit, alcohol, processed foods, wheat, soy isolate (tofu, etc.)

Replace healthy whole foods, grains, beans, etc. (fruits will come back)

Support liver with cruciferous vegetables and/or dandelion tea

Give body kale, lettuce, broccoli, cinnamon

You want to only do for 10 days at a time the removal of bad bacteria, but probiotics can be used continuously. You may have to do this protocol several times to balance your gut (especially after holidays/vacations where we are likely to eat unhealthily).

If you struggle breaking down your food & with low stomach acid (bloating, cramping, stomach upset and fermentation) your food is entering the intestines without being broken down and is then being fermented by bad gut bacteria. Probiotics will balance this out, but you may also take Apple Cider Vinegar with the Mother before your meals. If this is too uncomfortable, you may also use Digestive Enzymes for a short period to help you break down your food.

Doterra Products:

During 10 Day Protocol, you may take Oil of Oregano (Doterra) as a "shot' in a bit of water. I find this best throughout the day, between meals. If struggling to digest a meal, drink water and dandelion tea. After a bit, take another shot of Oregano.

Oregano has detox effects; you may also take Lemon Essential Oil in hot water in the morning as a tea for liver support. If you are having back pains, this could be your kidney or liver needing support.

I always encourage intermittent fasting (16:8 method) as a means to allow your body time to heal. You do not have to do this, but it is a great way of seeing whether your body is actively experiencing cravings.

If you have further questions, post below, I will be happy to answer!