Secrets to Weight Loss: Part 1

As stated in our documentary, Psychic: A Gift of Grace, the top two questions that come up during psychic readings are love and money. Sex and security. But a close 3rd? Weight Loss!

I completely understand this request; I myself have been to over a dozen dietitians, weight loss gurus and nutritionists. All to be handed a plan of action that leaves me feeling deprived, diminished and ashamed of my eating habits. Is nutrition important? Absolutely! Our body needs the essential mico and macro nutrients in order to function optimally. But there are also deep set cultural, emotional and physical components that makes weight loss down right IMPOSSIBLE sometimes.

While health nuts are fighting left and right over do eat this, don't eat that, people are going to a self-proclaimed psychic asking me to look into the cards and give them details about how they can lose the weight. This is so upsetting; so much information, but not even truth. So let me help share with you the secret I use with my clients for weight loss success! 1. Ease Up On Yourself "I eat keto and I am starving" "I eat Vegan and I am starving" "I eat all the time and I am starving!" "I starve and I am still fat" I hear it all the time, and I am here to tell you, IT'S NOT YOUR FAULT! If the answers were simple and easy, everyone would be at a healthy body weight. There is more to it than just this or that diet. Your conscious mind has been over run by an ad-culture that celebrates food as a gimmick. I just saw a diet soda ad that encouraged, "Because you don't have to follow the rules!" A way to invoke the rebel inside, though we know the many negative side effects (including chronic disease) to the chemicals in diet drinks. We know, we have the studies, but that doesn't matter. For every truth, there is a counter. The internet is where we get most of our information (including this blog) and it's overrun by people with an agenda to sale you something. Maybe it worked for them, but a lot of these people are NOT doctors, scientists or in any way qualified to be giving you this advice. And even when they are, it doesn't work. SOOOO Frustrating! So people simply give up.

And if they don't, they blame themselves harshly for not being more "disciplined".


noun The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

You are a grown ass adult, you don't need to be self-punished over a piece of bread! If something is not working for you, maybe you aren't the problem. Maybe the information you have been given is WRONG or does not work for you. In the past, I followed a weighed & measured food plan for nearly 2 years. I did it with absolute dedication and consistency. It was extremely challenging; I definitely lost inches, but I didn't fully enjoy the process. There was a little voice inside that KNEW this was not food freedom for me. On paper, it looked great: balanced nutrition, calories, etc.

But eating IS emotional, whether we want it to be or not! And we deserve freedom from it. If we can understand that we are human, we are going to make mistakes, but still love ourselves in the process... then we will build a confidence and self-trust that allows us true freedom, happiness and health. Food, like anything else in life, is about honoring our intuition and finding our balance. You can not find it unless you look for it! I will do a whole series on this topic, but for now, stop looking outside yourself for answers. Ask what you want... what you REALLY want out of your relationship to body and food. Do you want to have energy, feel good, etc.? Let's start there, instead of allowing OTHER people to decide for us! With Love, Grace Physical Symptoms Explained