Scorpio: What Needs to Change

Updated: Feb 17

If you speak French (Parle francais?), you might be laughing that I said,

"It is a cat!" Hahahaha

But this was the intro to the video I posted on our Facebook Page.

Scorpio Season IS our last chance for transformation in 2019.

So the little tid bit that will really make a difference is your MOON SIGN.

Esoteric astrology tells us that our Moon sign is a detriment.

Scorpio, ruled by the Water Planets Mars/Pluto, is going to be HIGHLY affected by our Moon Sign.

It will of course benefit you to look at your Birth Chart placement for Pluto,

but PLEASE do not forget your Moon sign!

Let's do the work this month of transformation. Let's work on our deeper Emotional

Needs so that we can live a life enlightened, fulfilled and happy beyond our wildest dreams :)


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