Scorpio Transformation: NOW!

Updated: Oct 29, 2019

Astrology Report: Daily Grace

4 Sacred Planets in Scorpio... oh, wow.....

This is the moment we see people have wonderful transformations

that defy their deepest sense of limitation and self. It is also when people have Joker-esque laughing tantrums, lash out and we question what exactly defines a "mental breakdown". Google will probably have a lot of searches on this!

In all seriousness, this will bring about the good and the bad. The reason there seems to be such polarization in the world is because the world is expanding.

With that, the Law of Contrast pulls our lives apart as if ripping play dough in opposing directions.

It reveals some systemic problems in ourselves, our society and the galaxy. Let us remember as the only upright species in the animal kingdom, we are little energy towers for a higher consciousness. We literally have antennas (crown chakra) on our heads to pick up signals from the Universe.

The BIG polarization is Not whether we are dems/republicans, male/female, etc. It is whether or not we are operating from the Lower, Limited Self of Consciousness or are we transforming into channels from the Unlimited, Higher Selves. For a consciousness that does not denote a "will to live" but a "will to love". This will continue to unravel in our society, but I want to point out some other interesting clues to the astrology:


We have more coming, but right now we have them in interesting placements.

I do believe retrogrades get a bad wrap!

It is merely the appearance of the planets going backwards. It is the switch from Aries--> Pisces on the zodiac wheel, to Pisces--> Aries....

Aries is all about building, striving and being a champion.

Pisces is the Christ consciousness; the Savior persona.

Retrogrades are necessary instruments of the Universe to rebalance itself,

ALWAYS, always keeping in mind the ultimate goal:

Champions for Salvation. So beautiful!

So, with Childhood issues, Chiron is appearing Retrograde in Aries. We are looking to the past for clues about our overly industrial and enterprising natures.

Where are we beating ourselves into submission? Is this working for our happiness?

North Node Retrograde in Cancer is the complete opposite- asking questions around how we Nurture ourselves. Is alcohol, food and codependency adequate bandaids for our deeper emotional needs? Hell-No! Whatever the vice, it is merely a symptoms of a deeper need for Mommy. For a loving, caring hand that says, "I hear you. I see you. I love you and you are worth caring for".

These two ends (Chiron and North Node) are working together to reveal a deeper transformation of Self.

The Child within is changing, shifting and growing into a Healthier Realm of self-value & ambition.

This will of course be projected out into the rest of the world- as Antennas do share their signal! Fortune in Sagittarius gives us a clue into our Transformation: look beyond what you know. It is a world sign that wants you to reach beyond your realm of understanding.

We are all students now.

Ask your Guides to show you the path of study that will assist you in your Transformation.

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