Hi Beauties,

Happy Birthday, Saggy friends!

Sun 0°11' Sagittarius

Moon 8°58' Libra

Mercury 11°56' Scorpio

Venus 26°00' Sagittarius

Mars 2°17' Scorpio

Jupiter 27°49' Sagittarius

Saturn 17°11' Capricorn

Uranus 3°37' Я Taurus

Lilith 17°00' Я Aries

Fortune 18°03' Aquarius

The beginning of Sagittarius season feels like a lay over from Scorpio.

Things are in motion, but also the lessons or the outcome from this Mercury retrograde.

A lot of disappointment came out of this time.

What is your is yours!

It's not about accepting rejection,

it's about accepting that there IS something out there for you!

Sanitarians are our loyal, loving and mystic noble centaurs.

They are best when grounded.

They need a definitive sense of what they're moving towards, in order to succeed.

A Sagittarius without a full understanding of who and what they are is an absolute TRAVESTY!

Yet once they know, they become magical & manifesting machines!

Love is in the Air, right now. All kinds of love, but with a particular interest in the hot stuff.


We are the most lucky during this Season by finding our calling and answering it.

No matter what, who, etc. If you have something that speaks to you---- go for it!!!

2020 shows strong partnerships.

Right now is about figuring out, exploring and claiming what is yours.

Uranus in Taurus means we are, "slow building", but that energy will switch in 2020.

Perhaps the Universe wants us MATCHED UP in time for 2020. In time for the hard work!

It's time to be the whole person you are, and to attract the people/places/things that encourage

that self-identification and expression. You only have this one life.

Why not live it as passionately as it was meant to be lived?



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