This week I'm LIVE:

I WILL be doing live readings. Go to our 12Radio Facebook Group to join:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/12radio/ RAHU IN MYTHOLOGY Rahu is considered the most powerful of all astrological points, though it has no physical or tangible existence. It is essential "black space"; the mystical point of creation. It is the North Node that us astrologers are constantly toting! 

In Hindu mythology, a demon disguised as a god sat between the Sun and the Moon in an attempt to obtain divine nectar. The demon was recognized by the Sun & Moon who complained to Lord Vishnu.  Lord Vishnu cut off the demon's head, but since he had the nectar of immortality, he survived. The severed head became known as Rahu, and the remaining body Ketu. Rahu is the North Node in astrology; Ketu is thus the South Node also known as our destiny path.  But we can think of Ketu (the left behind body/ South Node) as our past.  We want to move forward- we want to outgrow the limitations of the physical body into Rahu, the immortal head. 

Now, I understand this isn't a bed time story. But it's interesting! To see how messy and chaotic this process can be.  How the rise in this life to success, fame, authority or goal obtaining, comes from acting as if our North Node whilst severing the past.  This mythological story is one of transformation; from leech to god. 

RAHU IN GEMINI Rahu (North Node) expects growth, not perfection, while on our journey.  We uncomfortable stretch to become the person our soul's call us to be. 

In this season, Rahu is in Gemini, casting a Gemini shadow over our own North Nodes.  This means we are learning about communication along our journey. 

The difficulty for Gemini North Nodes is in bringing all their information, resources and experiences into one concentrated effort.  They may have seen the world, read every book or had every lover; but what is the good for if that isn't moving us forward?  Spread to thin means many activities; little success! 

Gemini is about creativity, communication and learning to work with others.  We have to gather our partners and get on the same wave length. We need to learn balance and structure.  We need to organize our time if we ought to achieve our goals!  The key here is the acronym K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, Sweetie). One thing at a time!  We must release along our journey the wanderlust identity (even if you have a Sagittarius North Node- for this season) and get REAL about our goals.  Look at the big picture; but then do the very next indicated action. Don't stress philosophizing about how. Just, take one baby step forward!

This week, anticipate these lessons to arise!  Anticipate communication, partnership, organization, living within your local means to all be on the agenda.  Remember... One Day at a Time! Keep it simple, and you will prosper!  Blessings, Grace BOOK YOUR READING! https://prodca.click4talk.com/c4a/admin/users_schedule_request.php?aid=115293 MP3 READING TO KEEP https://prodca.click4talk.com/c4a/admin/users_ebs_link.php?ebs_id=6858&aid=115293