Possessed Dolls, Fact or Fiction?

I am sometimes asked, “Can dolls truly become possessed?”  

The short answer is, No ! 

Right now you’re probably thinking, “But what about Annabelle the doll?”  No doubt the Annabelle case is fascinating and disturbing, but Annabelle is in fact not “possessed”.  Annabelle is rather “infested” by negative/demonic energy. There is a subtle yet extremely important difference. A demonic entity can never “possess” an inanimate object. 

Possession involves taking over the soul (the life force) and free will of a living being. Infestation,

on the other hand,  is when a demonic force can “influence” an object or an environment.  A demon can attach itself to a doll, a necklace, a piece of furniture or any given artifact. The intention of the demon is to  build up enough strength to harass and ultimately possess the human who decides to give the given object(s) a home. I should preface the above statements by saying that i am strictly focusing on negative forces in this article, there are many cases of human spirits influencing particular objects after they’ve passed.

Not all objects are wicked or have ill intent.  I will cover these types of hauntings at another time.As mentioned at the top of the article,  many of you already know about the Annabelle case; the Raggedy Ann doll which is kept under spiritually-sealed glass to this very day because of the demonic forces which influence it.

I’d like to talk about another case which falls under this same topic.  The Satanic Idol doll  (currently residing in the Occult museum in Monroe Connecticut).This is a very interesting story,  years ago a 22 year old deer hunter was roaming the woods in upstate Connecticut when he

started feeling disoriented and uneasy.  After wandering the woods searching for a rest spot he suddenly came to a clearing.  He approached a mound of rocks set up in an odd circular pattern. Atop the rocks stood a six foot tall figure which resembled a devil-like creature  ( complete with horns. )The figure appeared to be made out of some form of  papier-mâché or burlap material. It had wide, piercing eyes  and it gave the young man an instant feeling of terror and despair.  He didn’t want to gaze at this figure any longer, he just wanted to get away from it.

As he ventured away from the rocks,  he started feeling more and more uneasy. When he turned to his side (much to his shock and dismay) there was an old man dressed all in black with a solid white beard following him step by step. Not only was the man following the young hunter, he was literally side by side with him keeping up at his exact pace and not uttering a word.The young man considered pulling out his hunting bow at the creepy older gentlemen, but he was too frightened to do anything but attempt to speed up his pace. 

When he realized the man in black was still very much by his side he finally worked up the nerve to ask how he could get out of the woods.  The man in black said nothing, merely pointed to his right and the young hunter  took off in that direction.  As the young hunter looked back he realized the man in black was now gone and he felt tremendous relief. When the young man reached home that night he recounted the terrifying story of the woods and a relative suggested he contact the Ed and Lorraine Warren (who’s Occult museum was not too far away ). Ultimately, the Hunter met up with Ed Warren and he actually led Ed to the exact spot in the woods where the Devil doll was.  Ed sprinkled the doll with Holy Water and placed the large doll in his car and he told the young man it was too dangerous for this thing to remain in the woods.

When the young man asked what it was Ed responded, “This is a satanic idol used by a Satanic high priest in the area. I will not repeat his name, but rest assured i know who this man is and he’s very dangerous.”  With that, Ed and the young hunter parted ways and Ed took the idol back to the one place where he knew it could be properly contained, The Occult museum which he operated from his home along with his wife, Lorraine. Three days after storing the Satanic Idol in their home, Lorraine was picked up and thrown on the ground by a tremendous unseen force  while out on her front lawn and ultimately hospitalized. 

After seventy two hours of observation at the hospital, Lorraine was deemed alert and healthy enough to go home.The doctors couldn’t figure out how Lorraine made such a drastic and sudden recovery,  but Ed knew very well that this was a warning from that Satanic high Priest  (working his energy through the doll ) . Upset his precious idol was taken.  Luckily, Ed had very strong spiritual training and knew how to deal with hexes and demonic spirits.  Both Ed and Lorraine agreed that idol should never be touched and it has remained in the very same spot in their museum that it was originally placed ever since.   There are numerous reports of objects being moved and “growls’ heard in the vicinity of the doll.So next time you’re browsing at an antique store and you spot a doll that would look amazing in your display cabinet, try to get some back story on it from the shop owner .  Or better yet, maybe it’s time to start collecting stamps instead  ;-)

Brian Hopson

Paranormal Expert & Investigator