Planet Pluto: What to Expect

Updated: May 26

Hello Beauties!!! I just want to give a "heads up" that Pluto, planet of transformation, is currently in Sag the fiery sign that would cause an explosion! Add this to Aries Season, And you have a massive potential for things become extremely hostile and even appearing burnt out. Relationships, career, etc. It seems a bit like the Death card riding in on a fiery chariot. What was once plush and beautiful, now seems burnt to a crisp. But there is a positive explanation to this!

Soon Pluto will move into Capricorn, the sign of rebuilding. So from this Purification through Fire, comes a new and improved system that is all the more effective. This is personal and global! Dependent on the maturity and willingness of the participant. You have already gone through a death in the area of expansion & structure. Now, with Pluto moving into this same territory, it completes the cycle and gives us powerful energy (Pluto also corresponds with love and wealth) to all our endeavors. Hold right. Watch tempers. And also, try to understand the skin that is being shed. It is trauma related (Pluto) areas we have held ourselves back, and now we are asked to champion ourselves with unconditional love and faith. It is possible! Your dreams are possible!!! The Sun is right next to Uranus bringing break through in dreams/wishes this season. This is your moment to find & reconcile the issues that have been holding you back. Remember, you can not heal it unless you reveal it!!! Blessings Grace

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