Ah, the BEAUTIFUL new moon that appears like a mystery in the sky.

Barely a little sliver of the moon can be seen, as it marks the beginning of a new cycle!

The Moon is currently in Cancer shifting to Leo tomorrow morning

(esoterically/vedic) and this is the PERFECT way to shift into LEO SEASON that has just begun!!!

This is the time to SET YOUR INTENTIONS FOR LEO!!!

So, what is Leo all about? Leo is ruled by the 5th House in astrology:

Hobbies, Passion, Romance, Self-Expression, Drama, A Childlike Spirit, Joy and Play

It can also be love or sexual affairs... just saying! LOL

But usually Leo's are not "hit it and quit it" types. They love love! They LOVE attention.

They love to inspire, motivate and enthrall others.

They also tend to dominate others, subconsciously, and use their charms or power

of influence to do so. They just feel deep down inside like they have the answers and they want to share those answers with the world.

So, how can this help you? This can give you incredible confidence to break through any situation

that is plaguing you. It can call you back to the will: your personal desires. And allow you to refocus yourself back on your goals. No more healing, but time for MANIFESTING.

Leo is the sign of ESOTERICISM! It's not truly a hard worker, but will become one in order to succeed. The real mystery and magick of Leo is it's ability to MAKE. THINGS. HAPPEN.

It is made of PURE MAGICK and wants to bring more magick into the world.

So, are you ready? To really get MAGICKAL and to start working on yourself in a magickal way?

If so, tune in tonight!!!

We will be going deeper on at 6pm Pacific- 9pm Eastern

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