NEW MOON IN SAG (extended)

Updated: Feb 17

NEW MOON IN SAG Tuesday, November 26 2019, 03:14:27 AM (12amPacific)

*Scroll down to Red for Extended info* . Hi BEAUTIES! Hope you are having a gorgeous night. I have good news: Scorpio is in the past! I really enjoyed the pain (dare I say) of Scorpio Season. It was uncomfortable and brought about some very uncomfortable chords, emotions and feelings to be transformed. That's the thing about Scorpio- you have to journey through the black to come out, a Phoenix on the Rise. Shout of to all my Phoenixs out there! . Tonight, at the times noted above, we enter into Sagittarius season officially. I know we are technically there, but this New Moon in SAG really brings that energy forward. . Any New Moon is a great opportunity to release the past and set our sights on a new beginning. It's great for healing, manifestation and recharging. This particular New Moon, in Sag, has some lessons to focus upon: . Sag lower level is ruled by Jupiter, and Soul level is ruled by Earth. That is the full cultivation of Sag energy put into a practical approach to life. If you are a Sag, this will really hit you! . On a Higher Level, SAG is a disciple for the higher good. He or she uses her mystic powers and animal instincts to move forward society. It's important whatever your New Moon Goals are, that they are for the good of ALL. For your, and everyone's, evolution. . I will leave you there... and enjoy my IPA beer! LOL. HAPPY MANIFESTING.


You'll want to grab your birth chart!!!

I am so grateful for this Manifestation work. I think back to my youth and the constant feeling of loneliness, displacement and just all around YUCK. I'm sure you can relate. We all are looking for answers that REALLY WORK. And once you find that answer, don't ever let it go!

For me that's been the Metaphysical world.

Now that you have your BC, Let's Play! You'll want to look at your placement of Sagittarius.

What house does it fall under?

Love Compatibility (Mp3)

Psychic Reading 15 Min (LIVE)

Whatever House it falls under, is the House you should set new intentions.

This is your NEW MOON guide~! And I would really encourage you to see things from the evolved SAG perspective.

A little hint: look to the opposite house.

If your ruling planet is Venus, let's say, but your opposite house (say 8th house)

is ruled by Uranus... I would call forward that energy. It moves your wheel forward. And it works!!!

Sending you all the Love, Healing and Happiness you Deserve!!!