New Moon Horoscope

Good Morning, Beauties!

I hope you had a fantastic week. With Mercury Retrograde in full effect,

you should be cleansing out the psyche from the dirt of the past. That's the beautiful part about Mercury Retrograde; it allows us to see things in a new way, find new ways to express ourselves and then gain tremendous clarity that would otherwise be impossible.

It's great! So long as you are talking, with a safe counselor, and getting down to causes and conditions. But maybe you want a little bit more guidance on how to work with the universe to manifest your goals. Here stands the New Moon:

Moon Magick!!!

February 23rd we hit a New Moon. Yay!!!

New Moons are so amazing, because they tell us we are coming out of the dark. We have gone through the worst and now things are going to lighten up, the way the Moon is gaining it's luminous glow.

New Moons are great for setting intentions for the next month, goals, asking guides for help and re-aligning with our Higher Self/ Spirit. Interestingly, this New Moon is in Pisces/Aquarius... as is Mercury Retrograde!!! Meaning, big big big break throughs!!!!!!!!

This isn't an ordinary New Moon, this is perhaps one of the greatest lessons and shifts we will have in 2020 (if not way beyond then). This energy aligns us with our personal truth, power and community- whether that be romantically, friendship, location or work.

This is a massive moment; so do not waste it!

If you'd like more Magickal content, I post new videos every week:

Weekly Horoscope

VII Swords There has been a wrap up, lately, in the mental games and one upmanship in your environment. Though you were trying to get down to the truth, this situation has been dramatized beyond it's reality. Petty battles will not solve anything. Keep exploring, but get vulnerable. Get down to causes and conditions before you make a decision you can not retract.

The Magician

The lesson of the Magician is awareness. We have to be aware of how we are contributing to this situation, and what mistakes we have made along the way. No one is perfect! But the foundation of magick & manifesting, is personal accountability.  You have the power within to get what you want. But you must be honest about what you really want, and how you are preventing yourself from achieving.

VIII Pentacles

Self-development and progress for a better future; yay!!! It seems the New Moon will bless us this month with clarity. With this clarity of vision, we can move forward, working on ourselves and the situation at hand. Sometimes the worst place to be is stuck; in the dark. But this week, we get out of this place. We find we have plenty of forward motion and an make all our dreams a reality.

Sending you all an abundance of love, clarity and wisdom with this

New Moon! May you shine brighter than you ever have!!!



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