Moon Magic in Gemini

Hello Beauties,

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Tonight, I will be diving deeper into the Moon Phase for the rest of the month

as well as Romance and Relationships.

Being Gemini Season, isn't it appropriate? Gemini deals with the twins but also is an air sign ruling over communication, arts, break throughs and understanding. If there is something in your life that has not made sense up until now, you will receive definite answers.

Remember for the rest of the month, the Moon is Waning, meaning decreasing.

This is a great time to shed pounds...

Shed things that no longer serve...

And since we are in Gemini season, release the Gemini traits we ALL have had:



Dreamy without consistent action

Wanting things NOW (like Veruka in Willy Wonka)

Lack of Consistency/ Follow Through


Lack of Direction

That Gemini downsides can see your goals squandered. So let's do the best for ourselves and stay focused on the Bigger Picture. Perhaps you have a goal in mind- make a schedule and commit to it. Whenever temptation rolls around, allow yourself a mental treat (in so many days... you can have this).

Keep it light, fun and encouraging.

Use this time to play with your imagination and connect mentally.

Gemini's want to PLAY and to DREAM. They want a visionary life, not a boring world where rules

and constructs rule.

Since the Moon releases, so do we. Balance these childlike instincts with a loving parent approach.

Encouraging though disciplined.

You will NOT regret it!

With Love.


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