Moon in Unicorn (Astrology)

Daily Astrology:

Moon in Capricorn:

Most don't understand the energy of Capricorn and what a gift it is. We think Saturn (ruling planet) and immediately assume pain. But there is so much more there!

Most significantly, is the desire to lead. Saturn was a ruler over the world but ruled through domination & suppression, which always begets rebellion.

The best rulers are servants, not kings or queens. It is not your will that is most important, it's the will working through you (and all of us). It's divine will that separates the self-centered from the soul-centered.

This picture shows us how to differentiate. It's through the Mother (feminine spirituality). It's through the spiritual and emotional body.

The only way one can truly become a Unicorn is to know your most Sacred Self.

Blessings to you all,


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