Mercury Retro (Ugh)

Updated: Feb 17


I do believe retrogrades get a bad wrap!

It is merely the appearance of the planets going backwards.

It is the switch from Aries--> Pisces on the Zodiac Wheel, to Pisces--> Aries.

Aries is all about building, striving and being a champion. Pisces is the Christ consciousness; the Savior persona.

What do these two create? A Badass Christ Consciousness.

Jesus did drink wine, hang out with prostitutes and had a dope posse.

Did we just conclude Jesus was O.G., Original Gangsta?

I think so.... And please take "Christ Consciousness" with a grain of salt!

This is your spirituality, not religion.

Mercury In Retro

Mercury has entered a Retrograde in Scorpio. Cue the Dramatic Music!!!!!!!

And I get it. I can SAY, objectively, this is a good thing.

But Basic B$tch astrology would say otherwise.

Sometimes we have to call a duck a duck- it SUCKS! It SUCKS when Mercury goes Retrograde... and with Scorpio!? Girl... we need to make ourselves those Tin Hats from Signs movie.

Joaquin Phoenix... swing! Swing that bat away! Mel Gibson... get that nasty water out. We need to take every stop!

Like I have said in past articles, Scorpio is about going through the darkness to get to the light. We have to dig deep. If we stay in that place of Mars (action/ambition) we are absolutely going to become stuck in our own self-sabotaging beliefs, thoughts and actions.

This "slow down" of Mercury, the planet ruling over our connection to our Higher Selves/God/Spirit, is all about clearing the channel. We may have some spiritual, mental and emotional constipation. Miralax can not fix this one!

So we need to dig deep into our Spiritual Senna Leaf and do our best to recognize the toxicity that pervades our existence. This is also why Fall is the Season of Death/Rebirth. Something must die for energy to be transformed. And what needs to die, is the toxic!

TAROT READING I kept hearing, "your second chance". And that is SO true! This is a pattern that has afflicted you for years and years, lifetimes and lifetimes, and ancestral lines galore! Feeling like this  is killing you is the indicator you need to release it. You have worked so stinking hard your whole life to manage this and it's time for a renewal. It's time to move forward, not put all your eggs in one basket and focus on your success. 

Guides are encouraging you to look at your life from the objective. Get your counselor, friends, psychic, etc. to assist you in this process. You have two desires and are not sure which is healthy one to pursue. Actually, it is neither! Living in the grey is the key right now.  The outcome is a life transformation; contentment. Sweet sweet happiness and pride in your work. For many there will be a major shift in terms of relationships. This is a time to renew an old flame or old pattern with a new approach. Go through the dark, find the light! But there is certainly healing in relationships. Love Love LOVE! 

This break through will also clear your channel with your Guides.

You will feel closer to them than ever before! 

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