Mercury Retro in Leo 2019

Retrogrades are a time for the Three R's:

Review, Reflect, and Reassess,

while Mercury rules our attitudes, communication and friendships.

We are meant to internally clarify our thoughts at this time, and even if it's annoying,

it's a useful event, in my opinion.

We have discussed 2019 as a "Pivot Year", because it literally is preparing us for the next 20 years of our existence. But to make things a wee bit more interesting, we are preparing and move towards Jan/Feb of 2020. This has some pretty astronomical events taking place that cement our whole transformation. To get there, we have to go with the flow, and change.

Change is the ONLY constant! This short Retrograde (which has been in shadow since late June),

is really here to ask you, "How are you showing up in the world??"

This is going to hit the Leo's the hardest, or entertainers (Geminis, Pisces, etc.) because our public profile is SO indoctrinated into us. We have to not only consider alternative notions, but get down to our TRUE SELF. Our TRUE DESIRE for service in the world. We need to get honest with ourselves. A great example of this is my current dilemma! Might as well use my Leo Rising as a Prime Example... I LOVE filmmaking. You all heard or saw the documentary (I'll post below) and we have another one on the way! But the process from idea--producing--investors---filming--film agents-distributrition-premiere,

IS EXHAUSTING!!!! It's not that I don't love it, because I do. It's that I have 2 loves and really just want a polyamorous relationship between Psychic Readings & Film Making. I could feel the twinge of, "something is off", but couldn't quite identify what was going on.

June 20th, Mercury Retro. shadow period, hit and I REALLY felt the discomfort! I didn't throw anything or have a melt down... I just knew something was coming. I spoke about it, I honored my feelings, I used my tarot cards and prayer/mediation.

THEN it hit me like a bullet train!!!!!

I went into my brother/ co-producer's room and said, "I don't know if..."

And he immediately said back, "We need another option".

#twins #synched So we both start sharing our ideas with one another and we realized IT WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF OUR EYES!!!! We wanted entertainment? CHECK! To do away with the middle men? CHECK! To be creative? CHECK CHECK? To help people and be free? CHECK!

It check so many of our boxes, we were blown away!!!!

Now... what kind of a storyteller would I be if I told you the end result? LOL. Yes, you will have to sit, and wait for an announcement. But the key here, for yourself, is to look at what you REALLY WANT. Not the outcome, but the day-to-day lifestyle and make it as general as possible! We get too stuck in our ideas of what we ought to be that we can not dream about other possibilities. Dream, NOW! Before it's too late. And do not EVER hold back, or be limited, by a life that isn't worth living.