Hi Beauties...

SO HAPPY, I just revamped part of a project, which made me think further about Libra Season.

For those that did not know this, or have received predictions about

something happening (new job, new love, etc.) during Libra season.. you'll want to think about this:

I have the unique blessing to be surrounded by many Libras.

Many Libras exist (because people get a'knockin

during Winter--> Valentine's Day... 9 months later. Poof! Libra)

and they carry into existence diplomacy, love and a charming knack for persuasive communication.

Libra can be stereotyped as not having a thick back bone. Being a people pleaser/ push over. But did you know that Libra's are a Cardinal Sign (get stuff happening)???

You want some magic in you life? Grab a Libra!!!!

Not only are they social butterflies, but they are powerful initiators. They are very action orientated, tackling

adversity head on. They are exceptional at crisis and wonderful motivators/managers for a team.

This is why it's time for YOU to embrace your Libra Season.

Repeat from my Instagram Story: What Experience do you want?

Libra can help to make that happened. Say, perhaps, you want the experience of a wonderful career life. What does that entail? (P.S. Libras are WONDERFUL writers. So get to scribing your experience).

Perhaps, you would have to be EXCELLENT in your field. Okay, how can you do that NOW? How can you start NOW excelling in your work? How can you put all you have into that experience?

Perhaps you want the partner of your dreams (no one specific... just the EXPERIENCE).

Okay... what would that experience look like?

Something caring and sweet. Perhaps, someone light hearted and funny. Someone that could make you laugh and have fun! Someone to cook with (a foodie), workout with (a gym lover) or perhaps someone to Netflix and chill

(a home body).

I PROMISE you!!!!!!!!!!! I am a manifestation coach and the problem is, people do not DREAM enough.

It is never that their wishes are too big. It's that their compass looks around the world, but never starts

with the self.

I love you SO SO MUCH!!!!!!!! Take Libra into your pocket.

I will do this process too (though, I do often). Who knows!? What do YOU have to lose?