Magickal Grace Weekly Forecast

Welcome Back, Magickal Beauties!

I hope you have had a WONDERFUL week.

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We had so much fun Tuesday night exploring the principles 

of magic. Listen for tips, tricks and more clarity for magickal living!

Week Ahead Forecast

As we continue into Cancer Season, it is crucial to stay in love and not in fear.

Fear can be both our friends and our foe.

In the words of the great philosopher Pythagoras, 

"Step not beyond the beam of balance". 

Pythagoras believed anything taken to the extreme was harmful. Fear in no 

exception. It can keep us alive or safe; it can also keep us from living. 

We need to live, with caution, but not in fear. 

The Moon 

The Moon is a wonderous but sometimes confusing omen. Whenever we look

up at the Moon, it's in wonder. Something is stirring up, but we are not 

certain of what it is. It feels like a breakthrough so we must continue onward

like starry eyed children towards our destiny. Miracles are ahead! 

The Emperor

We must also be logical and reasonable. There are practical steps that need to be 

taken this week to move our lives, and our goals, forward. Continue to take the 

next indicated action. The only thing worse than disappointment is doing 

nothing at all. It is time to plant the seeds to reap the crop! Keep going!

Knight of Wands 

This is a very good omen to end the week. We go from a place of faith but not 

clear direction, to clear direction and forward momentum. Yay! If you've felt 

stuck lately or caught in a rut, this is the week to break out of the cycle. You only

have to move towards success, it will find you!

Blessings, Grace

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