Magick for Week Ahead

Welcome back to another edition of Magickal Grace,

I am so happy to connect! 

It's my absolute joy that so many of you are interested in Magick. 

Magick, like I have stated in the past, is what I call "prayer on steroids". 

In my, and others, experience it may even be the missing link to 

Manifestation. But it's not all about herbs and oils. It's about divine connection

and guidance. 

The Latest Video on Money Magick may help you get started on your

Magickal Journey:

Weekly Astrology

Oh, boy! Those 4 Retrograde Planets, huh?

Remember, I do esoteric astrology, so you may find it differs slightly 

from my Western (and amazing) counterparts. I find that we all interpret differently, 

but there is an undeniable core of truth that makes astrology such an accurate 


So what I am seeing this week, is a crossover of Mars/Neptune. 

We were leading with some pretty aggressive Mars energy that was ready to 

fight. You may have felt that in your personal life, or the world. But now, Mars is going to follow behind Neptune a bit. And this mix up will be good for us.

Though Neptune has a tendency to confuse Mars energy, it's putting spirituality/sacrifice first. It cools down the always intense Mars with nurture 

(Neptune being the higher vibration of Venus) that unites us all. YAY. Love this energy!

While most of the other planets remain in like-positions, we will have more distance 

between Venus and the Sun. The Sun is currently in Taurus, but will be "mid-Taurus" 

this week, allowing for less tension for all people. 

I know the moment we hit Taurus, I had a lot of people getting into fights with co-workers and friends. This energy will ease off the after-effect of hot Aries, and will glide into a place that supports "standing your ground". Boundaries have been coming up a lot this season! And really showing us that it is OK to hold others accountable, while keeping ourselves safe. If not, necessary. 

I think Saturn (limitations) would be very proud of us!

Altogether, I am seeing some stubbornness, but more peace. A little cool off. 

The lessons of the retrograde are certainly not over, but this is actually a moment 

where we keep digging deep... finding root causes... and re-establish the life 

we would absolutely LOVE to live. 

May you all have a MAGICKAL week!



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