Magic Carpet Ride


It's rare that I promote a studio film, but recently saw Disney's new live action

Aladdin, and I was absolutely in love!

Not only did I recognize a great film, 

but there were many  spiritual messages we can take into our day-to-day life. 

Let's dive in and live our best child life (Gemini Season calls for it). 

Genie in a Bottle 

I remember watching The Secret film and the Jeanie is supposed to be God, Universe or the Law of Attraction. He is supposed to answer our every whim and give us ANYTHING we asks for. Right? 

Wrong. This is where the film really had me. The Genie had some great spiritual messages but was in slavery to the bottle. He did not want that. And the power hungry or greedy people take advantage of him, then end up miserable. Yes! Love this message. 

But Aladdin, who values the Genie and his will (thinking/soul/etc.), sets him free. And Aladdin, the Jeanie and all the well-intentioned peoples prosper beyond what is possible. 

Perhaps it's a childish message; but is it really? What we do, we become slaves to. 

Living with integrity will ALWAYS work out better than slaving to power, greed or corruption. Dedicate yourself to causes that are worth living for! 

Not a Street Rat

Aladdin was raised a "Street rat" but felt like he was more. 

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt,  "No one can make you feel inferior without your consent". Easier said than done. We all have areas in our lives where we struggle. We all can feel less than and undeserving of perhaps wealth, a princess and a magical life. But what if you are not wrong; what if the world around you is?  Then, sweetie; you just found purpose.  You found your calling- to contribute to change!  Real Love  I loved the balance of power between man and woman in this film. I never felt the story was more about one over the other. It was a TRUE partnership. 

One of the major themes is she loves him, as a street rat. Not as a boisterous prince. She was turned off by that.  She loved the sense of adventure and freedom she had when she was with him. She loved the encouragement and support he gave her; for instance, to be a sultan even though she is a woman.  So much of their relationship should be admired and upheld. For those seeking love; seek a love like this. A romance of the mind and the heart. Money offers security; it does not offer love, true friendship or fulfillment. Is it a factor? Of course. But it shouldn't be the determining factor in a relationship. You choose YOUR destiny.  Don't all your partner to choose it for you.  Blessings, Grace PSYCHIC GRACE

Duets Grace & Erin