Libra Season: LISTEN

Hello Beauty,

Happy Fall Equinox! It certainly is a remarkable time of the year.

I LOVE fall, perhaps more than all the seasons.

The colors changing, the whispers of the wind and the inescapable magic all around us.

I feel like Virgo really has a hand into Libra Season. She decides what stays and what goes;

then Libra season makes that happen. It restores balance; it brings us to homeostasis.

My Manifestation advice this season: LISTEN.

It's an Air sign, so, we will be doing a lot of thinking, communicating and speaking. We will be using our visionary powers, our intuition and our minds to help achieve our goals.

There is another aspect to Manifestation, however, that gets left off the table quite a bit.

It's the Spirit Realm. The 4 Elements of Manifestation/Astrology are applicable to the physical world. Not the spirit. And we want to leave space for our guides to reach us.

What we put into our spiritual relationships, is what we receive. We reap what we sow.

So, please, take time this season to clear your mind. To stop the chatter and to speak to your Guides. Maybe go for a walk, journal, meditate, get a massage; do something that frees you from trying to figure everything out.

What the Guides have always said to me, in the words of Rolling Stones,

"You Can't Always Get What You Want... but if your try, You Get What You Need!"

The optimal Manifestation is many times MUCH BETTER than what we would have planned for ourselves. Remember, I never PLANNED on being a Psychic. I never PLANNED on having the friends I do or family. I wished, strongly, to have a magical and fulfilled life. The Guides knew how to get me there.

So, LISTEN, Beauties. They won't let you down!