Kim K: Libra's Soul Calling

Hi Beauties,

Nothing has quite impacted my soul as strongly as Esoteric astrology aka spiritual/enlightenment

astrology. And I want to share something with you all:

Libra is ruled by Venus- art, beauty, love, romance, etc.

We get it. We've gotten it... hence, all the instagram memes about Libras!

We KNOW they rule partnership, relationships, being diplomatic and sociable. Go Libras!

But something very key here is to understand the SOUL of Libra... the evolution of what the sign can be.

When a Libra is enlightened, their Soul Ruler switches from Venus to Uranus, the planet

most often associated with Capricorn/Aquarius. It rules eccentricity, unpredictability, changes,

rebellion and reformation.

This is NOT your grandma's astro horoscope in the newspaper, Libra. This is the Libras that alter the world.

These are the Libras that swoop into existence and use it's Cardinal energy to SHAKE. SHIT. UP.

This Libra Season, get a little unhinged. Talk to your soul. Realize that if it was all about romance, art and

beauty... you wouldn't be the badass you are! Think of Kim Kardashian... I KNOW! I know... but she is a Libra and she

is so guilty of that lower level Libra energy seeking attention by shocking the world. Nude pics, anyone?

But what about when she REALLY shocked us all, and worked her magic to get a woman out of an unfair

prison sentence? What about her going to law school? What about her innovative shift in consciousness that went from,

"Look at MY BODY.." to, "Look at my mind..."????

Libras plight is their relationships; to body, world, relationships and themselves.

THEY get to explore... THEY get to see what's right for them... And at the end of the day, or later part of their life,

They get to make the World a better place by FIGHTING (Aries, their opposite energy) for truth, beauty and justice.

THIS is Libra Season... on fire!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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