I'M BACK!!!!!!

SO HAPPY to be back home!

Sun 17°37' Virgo

Moon 8°40' Aquarius

Mercury 23°28' Virgo

Venus 25°05' Virgo

Mars 14°54' Virgo

Jupiter 15°52' Sagittarius

Saturn 13°58' Я Capricorn

Uranus 6°16' Я Taurus

Neptune 17°18' Я Pisces

Pluto 20°45' Я Capricorn

Chiron 4°23' Я Aries

Mmmmm the Aquarius Moon is needed!

Expect wonderful openness, communication and the ability to DO what it needed.

Visions, goals and dreams are PERFECT today. Let's plan for the rest of the year and make ALL your dreams

come true!


WOW....just wow. You completely described my life to a T just from looking at my chart. I had chills several times while listening to my email based service recording. Can't wait to continue the manifestation work with you. (8 September, 2019)

I have been utilizing Grace's excellent spiritual counseling services for a long time now, and she never dissappoints. She is warm, kind, bright, and truly gifted. If you are looking for an excellent counselor, look no further. You have found the best in Grace. (26 August, 2019)

Love this advisor! She gives you specific guidance not some general stuff. I feel so much better after talking to her. You will not be disappointed! (19 August, 2019)

Here is the EBS Special that was promised:

Price: $120.00

Reading for Keepers: 30 Minutes Mp3