HOW to Manifest this Season

Good Morning Beauties,

"Today is going to be an AMAZING day!"

Sun- Aquarius

Moon- Virgo

The astrology seems to keep leading us towards community.

Whether that's in the form of friendship, love, family or an actual community of like minded

individuals (support, work, etc.), this is a massive set up for the next 20 YEARS of our lives!

North Node has been in Gemini, the connective tissue of the Zodiac, for quite some time.

It's wonderful to have exploratory energy- to seek out the people, the tribe, that resonate with you, but also recognize this is the path to creating home and harmony.

I just love this energy for my love bugs or those seeking employment. The Virgo Moon might have you feeling extra stressed or self-critical

(which can be pushed outwardly), but resist the temptation.

What we really need right now, is clarity. Virgo Moon is ruled by Mercury (planet of thinking, clarity, communication)

and you may DEMAND these things out of this season. I can speak as a Virgo here... you don't always get what

you want, but you ALWAYS get what you need!

And what we need, Virgo mooners, is to get the full bird's eye view on the situation. Are you being too insistent that things happen in a certain way?

That things happen according to YOUR plan, rather than what is good for the entirety?


This is the difference between living a life in the bondage of self (what we think is best) v. actually

receiving what is best by the Universe (it knows).

Sometimes that job hasn't appeared, because it's not ready. Doesn't mean it's not going to happen... just means,

the PERFECT job is being orchestrated in your favor. Can you find love & patience for yourself in the meantime?

What about the Love of your Life? Can you wait to be aligned with your Highest Love through self-acceptance

and compassion. Can you find the love within yourself, or will you abandon yourself an settle for less?


But I ALWAYS want to remind you:

You are the most important thing!

Your Health, your Well being, Your Independence...


THEY are more important than outer circumstances.

And NO ONE is a greater manifestor that flies off the handle,

rejecting themselves,

in favor of an outer consequence that is sub-par to what you COULD HAVE received.

What I am saying, is, they got you! Your Guides are on it. So let's join them in harmony and align ourselves

to what they have in store.

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