Happy St. Patty's (Astrology)

My top 2 heritage is Mexican & Irish. So this is a VERY exciting day for me!!!

It's a little disappointing that the rest of the world can not celebrate in communion.

It's a low case of sadness that some do not want to dismiss.

I think there are deeper emotions beneath that...

An intuition that may/may not be about what is actually happening with COVID.




Most of the energy is actually in the 8th-10th houses of Psychology, Learning and Career.

The Sun in Pisces wants us the go deep.

Teas, water and even a moderate amount of alcohol

(yes... I am actually suggesting a glass of wine/beer/etc.) helps us to connect with our deeper sense of desire.

* Only for those comfortable with alcohol... or else, use non-alcoholic*

Remember, Pisces is emotional. If you are already emotional... be sure to also stay grounded!

Also, music and art can move your feelings and emotions.

We want that emotional involvement. We want to dream.

We want to figure out what we REALLY NEED.

Let's not forget, we always revolve around the Sun. So Pisces is in part Sun/Neptune Energy as well as Jupiter.

This energy is best described through the Greek God of Wine: Dionysus.

Though he is most famously known for wine and theater, he is also exalted for spiritual exaltation and divine will.

Dionysus represented coming into contact with our deepest desires (planted by a Higher Power/God) that if properly explored, were good.

Now, some interpreted this as if ALL our desires are good. That's not necessary true.

But the SOURCE (Sun)... the pure essence of our desires, is always good.

Our deepest desires and intentions are what truly matter, and the Greeks knew that!

They knew deeper than sexuality is the desire for love.

Deeper than the desire for protection is to feel safe.

Deeper than the desire for wine is a an emotional connection with the Divine.

So we can stop arguing about topical subjects! They aren't what really matters.

And you, too, have a spiritual right to these things.

Always remember that the greatest among us have high levels of water, the strongest element there is.

For it can penetrate souls... mountains and any domain they stands.

It's 70% our body, and 70% of the world.

He that masters water, can master anything! May you master the waters of your soul, beauty!

Blessings to you all,


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